How to Troubleshoot A Broken Dryer
As with any appliance, the dryer sometimes won’t run like it should and this throws your plans off track of getting caught up on the laundry. The good news is that most problems is minor and can be fixed without calling out a professional and paying the fees.

The Machine Won’t Turn On

If the machine won’t come on at all, chances are, it’s not getting power. This could be something as simple as a tripped circuit breaker or if you have fuses in your home, one could be blown that operates the dryer. Go to your fuse box and check the fuse and if necessary, replace the fuse that looks blown and voila! Sometimes the door switch may not work correctly which is common over time. This door gets slammed a lot because normally you’re in a hurry, its spring loaded and shuts by itself, or the kids want to help you and they don’t realize that the door needs to shut easily. The thermal fuse may be blown and needs to be replaced. This fuse will also shut off the power to the dryers. The thermal fuse will only stop working, if the internal temperature becomes too high that can cause the dryer to overheat. This problem will not be solved by you. A professional will need to come in and access the damage done and fix the dryer.

The Dryer Won’t Heat Up

Another common problem in dryers is when the heating element goes bad. Gas dryers are also known to have valve coils that go bad and can cause the pilot light/igniter system to glow before shutting off and once it’s out, the gas is no longer able to work. The igniter goes bad on occasion and will not light the pilot light. When these problems start, you will need a professional to help.

Laundry Takes Too Long to Dry

If you notice that your clothesline is drying within one cycle, you may want to check the following: – Are you overloading the dryer? – Is the lint filter cleaned out? – Did the washing machine spin out the water completely? – Is there a vent tube obstruction? If neither of these is the problem, then you may have a problem with the blower wheel. This is a wheel that sometimes works loose and can restrict the airflow. Once the air is cut off, it will not turn the heat circuit.Valve coils can intermittently go out in gas dryers or the flame doesn’t ignite. The drum could be faulty or the door seals are no longer sealing. Dryer problems can be fixed by you however the longer you let it go, the more complicated it will become. Contact an appliance repair expert in San Diego County anytime you need something fixed that you are not familiar with. Contact us:

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