Shaking Washing Machine
A shaking or “walking” washing machine is a normal occurrence. But, this doesn’t mean that it can’t be fixed. That loud noise coming from your washing room every time you do a load of clothes can be annoying and stressful. In fact, if your washing machine does have a habit of doing this it is important to get it fixed because it could cause further damage if left alone. While a repairman might be needed, it isn’t always. Here are some things that you can try first to stop the shaking before you spend money on an inspection from a professional.

Don’t overload your washer

If you are washing heavy things such as blankets and comforters then it would be best to do the one at a time. Too heavy of a load can unbalance your washing machine and cause it to shake. It can also keep the clothing from being thoroughly cleaned and rinsed. When you load your washing machine try to balance your load. The goal is to distribute your clothing evenly throughout the drum to prevent your washing machine from becoming unstable. You may also have to re-level your load if it begins to shake during a cycle. If redistributing your clothing doesn’t fix the problem than it is time to try and manually level the machine itself. There is something called a levelling screw at the base of your machine. This can be accessed by tipping your machine on its side. By readjusting the leveling screw you can better align your machine so that it sits as stable as possible on the floor. This should eliminate any shaking.

Needs replacement

If none of the above options fixes the problem, then unfortunately you are going to need to call a repair man. There could be something broken within your machine that requires repair or replacement. Some of the most common problems that create shaking and require repair are a broken suspension spring, tub spring, and/or damper pad. If any of these parts have begun malfunctioning or have become broken you will need the services of a professional repairman to get your washing machine back to optimal working order. It is important to get your washing machine repaired as soon as you determine that it isn’t something you can fix at home. Leaving it and just ignoring the banging noise will lead to other parts of your machine becoming damaged. There are many things that could be causing your washing machine to shake or walk. Usually these things can easily be fixed at home with a little time and consideration from you. But, if they can’t than a repairman should be called. Try to re-balance your machine yourself and if that doesn’t work call an appliance repair professional in San Diego County to come out and inspect your machine. The sooner the better it is to consult a professional. Contact us:

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