Warranty Know How

The very first thing you need to do with any newly purchased appliance is to read the warranty. What does it cover? How long does it last? Is it for everything or is it limited? If it is limited, what is it limited to? A lot of questions I know, but it will all lead to an easier road later on. For example, if a burner goes out on your stove, and your stove is still under warranty, you will know whether or not it is covered. Keep in mind that if something does go wrong with an appliance to consult the Troubleshooting Guide within your instruction manual. (Usually located toward the back of the booklet) If your problem is still unsolved, then your next step would be to call Customer Service and see if they could help or send out a technician.

Don’t Forget to Clean!

When it comes to washers and dishwashers, one may not think that any drain tubes could become clogged since there is water in the system. This is actually wrong, without a regular run through of vinegar (no clothing or dishes, just vinegar and water) soap scum can build up and actual cause clogging. Clogging will lead to water backups, leaking, and further problems.

Just Maintain It!

Did you ever know that rubber can dry rot? When rubber wears out or maybe gets so old, that would cause leaking (in the dishwashers for example), because its gets brittle and cracks. It’s very good idea to check your hoses and gaskets for cracks and leakage. This effect can often happen when you do not use their appliances regularly.

Use the Correct Chemicals

Using the proper chemicals is playing a huge role of what causes most disrepair and issues with machines. Before using any new appliances, be sure to do your research. Will you be able to still use your same dryer sheets? Detergent? Liquid soap? New Energy Efficient models have a few things that cannot be used in them or else it causes issues. For example, you need to use only the detergent pods in dishwashers, not liquid soap, because it causes soap scum to build up quicker.

So What Should I Do?

Starting today I vote that you make a monthly list of when you need to clean your appliances, run vinegar through them, etc. How will you work this extra cleaning into your schedule?   Contact us:

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