How To Maintain Your Garbage Disposal
A garbage disposal is a great tool for quick, easy, and efficient kitchen clean up. Basically, it liquefies your food waste and allows you to flush it out through your pipes. This helps to reduce the amount of garbage you are putting in your trash can, which will help reduce what is dumped in the area land fill. A garbage disposal is a great way to be more environmentally friendly. But, it does require some upkeep to maintain optimum performance. There are a few simple things to keep in mind to maintain your garbage disposal. First, you should always run cold water through the pipes when you are using your disposal. This will help ensure that all waste products are thoroughly flushed from the system. This will prevent clogs and deterioration of the pipes. Second, be sure to clean the components of your garbage disposal regularly. The splash guard and stopper collect a lot of grim and this build up can lead to clogs and the improper functioning of the disposal itself. At least once a month should be your goal for cleaning your disposal. Keep in mind that some foods should not be put through your disposal. Foods such as corn husks are not easily broken down by the disposal and should simply be thrown away. Also, only put a little food in the disposal at a time. If you cram too much in there it won’t break down properly and can lead to clogs or even damage to the disposal itself.

Periodic maintenance

You will need to periodically sharpen your disposal blades and deodorize it. No matter how much you flush your disposal some residue will remain and this can lead to some pretty smelly odors. Freshen up your disposal by using a store bought product or flushing some baking soda through the system. Be sure to sharpen your blades. If you are using dull blades on your garbage disposal than it is not going to break the food down properly, this defeats the purpose of the disposal entirely.

Safety is important

Safety should always be practiced when using your garbage disposal. Do not put body parts inside of it as this can lead to serious injury. Always turn it off when putting in waste and then switch it on after your hands are safely away from it. If your disposal isn’t working properly and flushing it hasn’t helped, call a professional to come in and service it. Do not stick instruments down inside it to unclog it as this can cause more damage than good. A garbage disposal is a great tool to add to your kitchen. Just be sure to take the time to maintain it so that is functions properly for a lifetime. In case there is an issue with the garbage disposal, it is important to call in the professional technicians. Contact us:

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