How To Maintain Your Front Loading Washer
Some of the tips that relate to maintenance of HE washing machines apply as well to the front-loading washers. For example, both pieces of equipment can become an inviting home for a mold colony. That is due to the fact that both of them use less water. The lower amount of water cuts into the washer’s ability to wash away powders, fabric softener and debris.

How to get around that problem

– Do not use a regular detergent. Look for one that has an “HE” on the package label. Use a liquid detergent instead of a powder. – Do not use a fabric softener while you have a load in your washer. Instead, use dryer sheets. – Dry off the inside surfaces after removing each load. Make a point of removing the lint that has collected in the washer’s lint catcher. – Keep the washer’s door and the lid on the detergent dispenser open, when the front-loading appliance is not in use. – Do not keep damp clothing in the machine. That not only encourages growth of mold, it also aids the development of wrinkles. Be sure to empty the pockets of any clothing that you plan to throw into the front-loading machine. As the clothes reach the top of the tub and feel the force of gravity, any item in a pocket feels that same force. As a result, the same item could easily fall out of the pocket, and therefore, it could affect the washer’s performance.

Questions to ask before you buy a front-loader

Do the doors have a special locking device, one that a child could not operate? You do not want to have a toddler climbing through your washer’s door. What sort of cleaning agent should I use when I clean the drain pipe? Should it be a liquid? Should it be a natural product? An appliance repair expert in San Diego County should be able to assist you with the answers.

Other maintenance tips

– Keep the door seal gasket clean. If you fail to carry out this one simple step, you may have to deal with a misshapen seal. Then you would have trouble closing the door. – Do not try to stop a cycle once it has started. Do not try to add clothes mid-cycle. – Make a point of scheduling time for completion of a special cleaning cycle. Try to get one completed once a month. Clean the washer’s drain pipe every few weeks. Realize that no washer will work properly, if its hoses have become obstructed in some fashion. Understand too, that maintenance of a washer should include an effort to keep track of the condition of all the wires that feed into that same piece of equipment. Contact us:

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