Split systems as much as any household appliances, need regular maintenance and cleaning. This process is quite scrupulous and complicated, therefore, it is best to entrust it to qualified specialists. How do you know if your A/C needs cleaning? Despite all the benefits the split system has, it is capable of accumulating pollution. In the absence of regular cleaning, dust mites, mold, mildew may appear inside. The main signs that you need to clean your household air conditioner are:
  • an unpleasant smell of damp immediately after starting indicates a malfunction of the drainage system or dust deposits inside;
  • an increase in electricity consumption and a drop in power during operation;
  • strange humming noise indicates that the outer casing or fan blades are getting dirty;
  • condensate leakage;
If you notice at least one sign, then it is recommended not to postpone the process. The sooner the air conditioner is cleaned, the less the risk of breakage of the split system. What you need to know about the correct operation of the split system? Air conditioner cleaning is not the only process that needs to be done on a regular basis. San Diego Appliance Repair Company specialists also recommend :
  • To check the installation is correct ;
  • Eliminate the possibility of drafts in the room so that the compressor and fan are not overloaded; occasionally go to the maximum temperature regime;
  • Additional protection from precipitation should be placed above the external block in order to maintain the integrity and extend the service life of the climatic device.
Also It is recommended to install the split system in a place protected from sunlight. Such placement will prevent the body from fading, which will preserve the aesthetics of the appliance. General recommendations that are important to remember when using split systems on a regular basis:
  • Twice a month it is necessary to wash the coarse filter;
  • Internal parts and structural units are should be cleaned every six months;
  • Check the outdoor unit once a year (this procedure should be done more often in winter).
An unscheduled cleaning should be carried out in the event of an unpleasant odor. The presence of a problem is also indicated by the fact that the equipment doesn`t work properly, a characteristic crackling sound appeared during operation, and electricity bills began to increase sharply. In order not to encounter such problems, regularly service the equipment, monitor its functioning and any modifications in work. The problem may also be not only in the pollution of the main communications, but also in the leakage of freon. If you have washed all the structural parts, and the split system still functions poorly, you can fill the air conditioner with refrigerant but  only with the help of special equipment. Trust the experts! Everything except the case of the outdoor and indoor unit, as well as the air filters, must be cleaned by a certified experts. San Diego Appliance Repair Company has expertly trained and certified technicians to perform any types of AC maintenance and repairs. We are offering not only high-quality local appliance repair services, but a range of other options that seems so attractive to our clients: fair prices, guarantee on the performed work, friendly and attentive service, efficiency. Contact us. (619) 719-5005   [email protected]