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Household appliances are built to last. Most appliances for your home have long lifespans and have pretty good track records when it comes to breakdowns. But if you have an older appliance that has been giving you trouble, how do you know when to bite the bullet and just replace it instead of pouring more money into continuous repairs? Are You Still Under Warranty? Obviously, if you are still under warranty or have purchased an extended warranty, you will want to take advantage of that and get the appliance repaired. Check your owner’s manual and your purchase paperwork to see if your appliance is covered. What is the Average Lifespan of Your Appliance? Before you make any decisions whether to repair or replace, it’s good to know how much more life you can expect out of your unit. Your appliances simply won’t last forever and if yours is getting to the end of its functional life, you may want to consider replacing it. The average lifespan of your appliance is: ● Dishwasher — 9 years ● Garbage disposal — 12 years ● Washer — 10 years ● Dryer — 13 years ● Microwave — 9 years ● Electric Range — 13 years ● Gas Range — 15 years ● Refrigerator — 13 years Consider the 50% Rule The average cost to repair an appliance is about $250 to $300. If your appliance is older than 50% of its lifespan and the cost of the repair is over 50% the cost of buying a new appliance, chances are that a replacement makes more sense than repairing it. Repair When it Makes Sense Of course, a repair will always cost less than a replacement. If your appliance is less than halfway through its functional life and hasn’t been much of a problem, getting it repaired by a professional appliance repair company in San Diego County simply makes sense. But repairing an appliance that is a continual problem may just be a waste of money. Other Things to Consider ● Energy efficiency — this is something to consider when thinking about replacing an appliance. For instance, a new refrigerator uses half the energy as one that is two decades older. But new energy efficient appliances are more costly and can be subject to more repairs. Make sure it is worth spending the extra money to save on efficiency. ● Are you staying in your home? — if you are planning on a move in the not-too-distant future, it may make sense to repair your existing appliances if at all possible. ● Your new appliance may not fit your old spot. Consider any costs to fit the cabinetry or area to your new appliance. If you are looking for an appliance repair company you can trust, call the experts at San Diego County Appliance Services. We are the number one appliance repair company in San Diego County. Call us for any expert appliance repair you may need. Contact us:

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