How To Handle A Broken Refrigerator
We are all guilty of taking some of our luxuries for granted, and it always nice to enjoy your favorite foods and snacks, perfectly cooked and refreshing.

When your Fridge Stops Working

If your fridge has stopped working, you might be tempted to panic. Immediate worries about lost food, what to make for dinner, and how to organize a repair are all likely on your mind. If you’re fridge has broken down, we’ve got some tips on exactly how to handle it: Check for simple issues: If your fridge isn’t working, start with some of the most obvious problems. Check if your fridge is receiving power by checking if the light turns on. If not, check to see if your fridge is plugged in correctly, or if there are any obvious issues with your power cord Call a Technician: If your fridge has shut down, you have no time to waste. You want a professional to arrive as soon as possible to remedy the problem, and hopefully, salvage some of your groceries. You may want to call around to a few appliance repair professionals in Keswick to see about pricing and availability. Sadly, depending on how long your fridge has been out of service, or how long it takes for a technician to arrive, chances are you’ll have to throw out at least some of your food! Close the fridge door: If you’ve called a technician and are awaiting their arrival, you should be sure to close the fridge door, and leave it closed. Even if your refrigerator is not running, the appliances are excellent insulators. Keeping the door closed helps keep food cool longer, and minimize spoilage results from a breakdown

Once your Fridge is Running Again

Once you’ve identified and repaired the problem with your fridge, you need to be sure that you throw away any food that may be unsafe as a result of the breakdown. A broken fridge usually results in a lot of expensive food waste. But, when it comes to safe food temperatures, is better safe than sorry! An appliance that you clean and maintain regularly is likely to last for years. Professionals recommend that you defrost your fridge and clean it thoroughly every six months, and this includes external parts of the fridge, like the hinges. If your fridge has broken down, chances are that you’ll need fast support from a professional technician. Acting quickly might give you a chance of salvaging some of your groceries. Contact us:

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