How To Get Rid of The Stuffy Smell In Your Dryer
If you get annoyed each time that you take a load from your dryer and then feel obligated to clean the lint filter, you must keep in mind what can happen if you fail to perform that one task repeatedly. When lint filters do not get cleaned on a regular basis, the damp fibers in that same small screen can get moldy. The odor from those same moldy fibers can cause a dryer to have a stuffy smell. A thorough cleaning of the lint screen helps to banish that unwanted smell. No doubt you have seen that each time you remove the bulk of the fibers on your dryer’s lint screen, a few stray fibers remain, sticking stubbornly to the pieces of wire. Obviously, you do not want to spend time picking them out, one by one. Still, their presence does invite mold. Consequently, you should vacuum your screen if you really want to get rid of your dryer’s stuffy smell. True, you might get a bit of dirt on the screen’s lint-catching surface, as it comes in contact with the vacuum cleaner. For that reason, you must follow the vacuuming with a special kind of cleaning. Clean the lint-catcher (the screen) with some dry towels.

Clean the interior walls of the dryer’s drum

This task requires no great skill, but it does call for diligence. You have to clean diligently in spots that seem clean, but are full of tiny, fiber-like threads. But before you start the cleaning, you must air dry the drum’s walls. Once those walls are dry, wipe them with a damp cloth. The solution used to dampen that cloth should be equivalent to 1 cup of bleach in 1 gallon of water. Wipe all sides of the drum plus the back region. Get rid of the bleach odor by wiping all the bleach-covered surfaces with a cloth that has been dampened in water, alone. Use an air drying technique on the wet surfaces inside of the appliance, before adding any new load.

Dry towels that have been dampened with a liquid from the shelves in your kitchen

Sprinkle a generous amount of while vinegar on several towels. Throw those same towels in the dryer that smells a bit stuffy. Set the dryer’s drum spinning, while it holds the soaked towels. Each towel will dry, and its vinegar will work to destroy the unpleasant odor created by unseen mold.

If you want to pay for some extra help

It is possible to contact an agency that specializes in the cleaning of appliances. Have a technician from such an agency gain access to the air-carrying system inside of your dryer. The trained appliance repair technician in San Diego County can then vacuum that same system. Contact us:

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