How To Find Out If Your Appliance Remains Under Warranty
If you value the work performed by qualified experts, you do not seek a quick and easy way to repair a damaged appliance. Still, you may run into problems, when you try to schedule a service call. You may be wondering that ‘my appliance is covered by a manufacturer’s warranty or service contract. How do I know whether or not to check that particular box?’

Consider when the appliance was purchased.

If you bought a piece of equipment that broke down just over one month since the same item was purchased, then you can feel almost certain that your broken appliance remains under a warranty. If the breakdown has occurred just shy of one year after the purchase, you still have good reason to suspect that your appliance remains covered by either a warranty or a service contract. Seek out proof that your memory is correct. Look for some receipts or users’ manual. Such papers might indicate that you have paid for an extended warranty or some type of insurance service.

Use some tricks to jog your memory

Do not panic, if you fail to find any receipts or any type of users’ manual. You may be able to jog your memory, so that you will know for sure how well you are covered, in the event of an appliance breakdown. Start by visiting the manufacturer’s website. Find out if the manufacturer has on record any information about the warranty that came with the appliance that has now malfunctioned. If you fail to obtain those details, then you must turn to the retailer. If the retailer seems to hesitate before answering your request for information, you might want to demonstrate interest in a customer rewards program. If you have used your credit card to buy what is now a broken appliance, then you have a third way to obtain the needed facts. Contact your credit card company. Learn whether or not it offers free extended warranty coverage for one more year. Of course, even if you do not have a warranty, you will probably want to have your broken equipment fixed. If you try going without that repair job for very long, you are sure to test your patience. Hence, you will soon feel pressured to contact an appliance repair service in San Diego County. If you have to pay for the repairs, do not regret that necessity. You can still get some added value for your money. Your fixed appliance will contain parts that come with a one year warranty. In addition, you get a one year warranty on any labor performed by one of the technicians. Contact us:

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