Repair Your Hot Fridge Or Not
If your refrigerator is running hot, you may need to consider servicing it as soon as possible in order to avoid a problem that is going to cost you more money, or worse – a new refrigerator. When your fridge feels hot, go through this check list below before you call a Appliance Repair professional in San Diego County.

How old is your refrigerator?

If you are not sure, you may want to look up the model online. It’s always a good idea to keep the manuals when you purchase a new appliance in order to always stay on top of things. The age of an appliance has a lot to do with the way it is running. Unfortunately appliances aren’t made like they used to be. So the new the model, the more apt it is, to break down.

Do you know the brand name of your refrigerator?

The brand has a lot to do with it because not all appliances are built in the same way and using the same parts. The brand of refrigerator will determine how much it would cost to replace a part and how to clean the parts currently on your appliance.

Consider your alternatives if your refrigerator is not working

How will you keep your milk cold? Do you have another way to keep your food from spoiling? Most homeowners have a small garage sized refrigerator in order to hold emergency food when the main refrigerator goes down. Maintain your refrigerator by performing deep cleaning every three to four months. This will keep the back fan area clean and able to work more efficiently and reducing the overuse of the compressor. The end result will be a smooth operating refrigerator that will work for a very long time.

Do you have a computer board on your refrigerator?

Some modern refrigerators have a computer board that allows a digital read on the unit that will display the refrigerator temperature, the freezer temperature, and even a night light. There are so many things that the modern refrigerator can do today. These computer boards allow the refrigerator to work efficiently however if this computer board breaks down or goes bad, this will miss up the entire computer system.

Install a surge protector in your home.

This is done in order to reduce the chances of an overload on the computer board. These surge protectors can help protect the computer chip inside the refrigerator allowing it to work completely. If the computer board ever goes out on your refrigerator, you are going to need at least $300 or more to replace it, not counting the amount you will pay for a professional to replace it for you. Not everyone has access to that much cash when this type of emergency arises.

Evaluate your refrigerator.

Check out the refrigerator after you clean it. Vacuum the dust and debris from the back of it, wipe it down, and make it shine. Then get the manual out or download it online and make yourself a check off list of parts that are on your model. Having this list ready and available when you need it will save yourself the hassle of making a decision at the last minute should something go wrong. Contact us:

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