Front Load or Top Load Washing Machine
This is undoubtedly one of the biggest dilemmas that the most of future homeowners would face when they are in the appliance store, trying to make up their mind. Now, this is a veru important choice which should be based on your own personal preferences as well as on solid enough research. With this in mind, we will provide you with a few insights on both options so that you can conveniently take your best pick.

Top-load washing machines

When you decide to go with a top-loader washer machine, you have two options in front of you – with or without agitator. There are pros and cons of both options. A positive side of the agitator unit is that it requires less maintenance and it is cost efficient. However, it could also cause a lot more wear and tear to your clothes and the machine will be moving a lot more, hence making a lot of unnecessary noise. Now, top-loaders are known to be very cost-efficient as they do not require a lot of water. Furthermore, there are also specifically designed detergents for this type of washers. You need to make sure that you use a low-suds detergent with a H.E. label on the bottle.

Front-load washing machines

Although it provides a lot of the same pros like the top-loader washing machine, this particular type also comes with a few different and important properties. It has the same motion but it provides way more far better stain removing capabilities, even if you do not go ahead and pre-treat the clothes. Furthermore, you can also expect significant financial savings when it comes to the usage of water as it takes five gallons less per load. A front-loader washer is going to spin a lot faster in order to extract more water from the clothes so that you can expect higher savings. It’s also quieter in comparison. Some cons, however, take into account the fact that you might have some mildew issues. Of course, this is something which wouldn’t concern every user and it is very much dependent on the way you treat your machine. You can prevent it simply by leaving the door open between the washing cycles. The rubber seal of the door and the drum need to be dry and ventilated so that there is no mildew. Of course, when you draw the line, the truth is that your choice would be based on a range of factors which are different than the benefits of each unit. You have to figure out the size of your laundry room, your own personal preference, whether you are getting a dryer and other considerations which far exceed the perks of owning one or the other. This is why you need to handle these things in advance before you sit down and decide whether you need a top-loader or a front-loader washer machine. After all, the difference is not going to be so substantial. Contact us:

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