How To Deal With A Jammed Garbage Disposal 1
What are the signs that you have a jammed garbage disposal? Turn on the switch and see if the device is working. If it is not, then listen for a muffled sound. If you hear a noise that you would describe as a hum, then you have a jammed garbage disposal.

How to go about fixing the jammed device:

Understand that at no time during this entire procedure should you try putting your hand inside of the jammed piece of equipment (disposal). Appreciate the fact that you do not know why it has jammed, and the disposal’s sharp blades could start turning at any time. You must keep your hands away from those same blades. You have completed your diagnostic procedure. Remove the device’s switch from the “on” position, and put it back in the “off” position. Shut off the water that gets fed into the sink. Using a flashlight, take a good look at the drain in the sink. If you see an object in the drain, get wooden or plastic tongs and remove it. If you do not see anything in the drain, you will have to get out your tool kit. Find your ¼ inch Allen wrench. Take wrench and flashlight and look at the kitchen drain from the bottom. See if you find a hole in the pipe that is under the sink. Put the wrench in the same hole and wiggle it back and forth, until the wrench will turn. This should allow you to look inside, so you can check to see if there is some object clogging that end of the drain. If this procedure does not aid discovery of an object that has jammed the disposal, you will need to use something that is not in your tool kit. Get hold of a broom and turn it upside down, so that you can direct the handle into the opening in the sink. Stick the broom handle into the sink hole. Push it against the blades, and move it back and forth. Hopefully, that trick will get the garbage disposal running again. If the device is no longer jammed, reset it; then turn back on the flow of water into the sink.

Actions to take, after the disposal is no longer jammed

Improve the method used to dispose of garbage, using the device in the sink. Make sure to keep water running in the drain, when the disposal’s switch has been returned to the “on” position. Be more careful about what gets fed into the enhanced drain in the sink (the disposal). It cannot dispose of everything. Some objects can get jammed in the blades. You might want to call in the appliance repair service in San Diego County to look at it. Contact us:

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