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There are many different cleaning products available in stores to clean your refrigerator. However, not all people are willing to take up this service, as these products contain chemicals, and this is very undesirable for cleaning the place where food is stored, so these cleaners can be taken for cleaning the fridge from the outside. And remember not to use powders or harsh rags to avoid scratching the smooth surface. Cleaning the inside of the refrigerator Experts at San Diego Appliance Repair Company recommend to clean it with a baking soda solution inside the refrigerator, because ash has amazing properties that help not only to clean the dirt of the refrigerator, but also to remove unpleasant odors left after meals. This baking soda solution is prepared as follows: dilute 1 tablespoon with baking soda in a liter of warm water. Wipe all shelves and drawers inside the refrigerator with this solution. Then wipe the entire refrigerator again with a cloth soaked in water to remove any remaining baking soda. Wipe everything dry. But before you wash the inside of your refrigerator, whether it’s old or new, you need to turn off the electricity, remove all shelves, trays, racks and food, and completely defrost the refrigerator. How to get rid of odor To get rid of unpleasant will help an activated charcoal or fresh coffee beans. Just put them in the fridge and leave them until the unpleasant smell disappears. If you call San Diego Appliance Repair, in case of emergency our specialists will come direct to you in 15 minutes after your call. Whatever may happen to your refrigerator, they are able to diagnose the problem. They will give you an estimate of repair cost immediately after detecting the fault. We guarantee that our prices are fixed and fair. We always give warranty for our work. No matter what problem you face or what refrigerator brand you have, San Diego Appliance Repair are always ready to help you anytime 24 hours a day seven days a week. Our customers never regret working with us. Our customers satisfaction is our top priority. We offer a vast variety of household appliance repair services, the most extensive in San Diego County. Whatever may happen to your refrigerator, whenever you may need us, call us and we will take the refrigerator repair problems off your shoulders as quickly and effectively as possible. We are certainly the best in providing household appliance repair services among other repair service providers in San Diego. Don’t hesitate, call us. Our extensive experience, our passion for quality and safety along with excellent performance and accuracy are always at your disposal. (619) 719-5005   [email protected]