Electrolux dishwasher is a real helper in the kitchen of any housewife. Many users have already appreciated the advantages of such equipment and no longer consider it a luxury, but a necessity in our modern life. After all, such equipment significantly saves our time and effort and also water.   In order for the dishwasher to work properly and efficiently cope with its functions, you need to take care of it in time and maintain it.   On the advice of manufacturers, the Electrolux dishwasher should be cleaned at least once a month. It all depends on the intensity of operation of the equipment, as well as the quality of the water used. Perhaps in your case, you will have to clean the machine more often, perhaps less often.   How to remove the smell from the dishwasher and how to clean it will be discussed in more detail below.   HOW TO UNDERSTAND THAT IT IS TIME TO CLEAN THE DISHWASHER The most important and first sign that the dishwasher needs to be cleaned is an unpleasant smell from the equipment and leaks that may appear due to the accumulation of grease on the door seals.   In addition, there are several other basic symptoms that will help you determine that it is time to wash the machine:   Indelible plaque is noticeable on the filter and blades of the equipment. There is a strong unpleasant smell from the chamber of the Electrolux dishwasher.   The dishes are poorly washed, and white roses or grease remain on them.   Water comes out of the equipment very slowly or starts to leak.   After washing, food particles remain on the dishes.   Rust or mineral deposits are visible on the inner surface of the tank.   If you see any of these signs, it means that it is time to clean the dishwasher.   CLEANING THE INSIDE OF THE ELECTROLUX DISHWASHER The inner chamber of the dishwasher is always much dirtier than its outer part. After all, it is here that the process of cleaning cutlery from dirt with the help of special detergents takes place. All the plaque from hard water, food, or detergent residues remains on the machine parts. In case of untimely cleaning of the dishwashing system, its elements are destroyed and the efficiency of its work is reduced.   To avoid such situations, you need to periodically take care of the equipment and know how to clean the dishwasher so as not to harm it.   So, cleaning the Electrolux dishwasher is divided into the following steps:   First of all, turn off the water and unplug the cord.   Then open the dishwasher door and remove the dish baskets and all cutlery containers from it. Food residue, grease, and fibers can accumulate on these grated trays. Soak the basket for a while in the detergent solution, and then use a sponge to wipe the rack grates well on all sides. To clean hard-to-reach places in the bends of the baskets, take a toothbrush.   Inspect the filler holes, and gently clean them if there is dirt on them.   Using a toothbrush or cloth, wash the ends of the door and the interior walls of the chamber.   Remove the spray bar. If you see food residues or dirt there, gently clean the parts. You can also do this with tweezers or a toothpick, but in no case do not push debris inside the nozzles.   Unscrew the debris filter and remove the mesh. The filter system is often contaminated with pieces of food and various debris, which impairs water drainage and creates an unpleasant smell. Therefore, be sure to clean the filter with a sponge and detergent.   Thoroughly wash the walls of the chamber from the residues of detergent and wipe them with a damp cloth, and then put the filter back. Put the dish basket back in place.   Start the dishwashing program using dishwasher detergent.   CLEAN THE DISHWASHER FROM GREASE, MOULD, AND RUST. You can forget about mold and various stains in the dishwasher forever with these simple tips:   Conventional detergents may be suitable for removing grease. And to prevent grease from accumulating, wipe the chamber inside after each dishwashing process.   Rust stains in the dishwasher can appear due to very hard water. You can prevent this problem by using a special filter. And if they have already appeared, then hide them with a special sealant.   You can wash the mold with a special bleach or clean the dishwasher with vinegar.   NEAT DISHWASHER OUTSIDE The Electrolux dishwasher should be clean not only inside but also outside. Before such cleaning, you must also de-energize the device and remove all the dishes. Then you can treat the entire surface with detergent.   Soda will help to remove old dirt or grease. Glass cleaner or alcohol will help to wash glass surfaces and restore their former shine.   SUMMING UP With frequent use of Electrolux washing equipment, regular maintenance of the dishwasher is also required. In order for the machine to serve long and efficiently, you need to follow these simple rules for caring for it:   always remove food residues and other items that have appeared in the chamber after washing the dishes;   load the dishes correctly, placing them in the appropriate compartments, and in no case overload the machine;   use only high-quality detergents for dishwashers;   it is better to remove all visible dirt immediately so that they do not accumulate;   do not use only short programs for washing dishes, so that the machine does not quickly become clogged with grease;   do not load very dirty dishes with food residues into the machine;   use special dishwasher salt if you have very hard water in your house;   do not forget to leave the door of the appliance open after washing the dishes;   always use special tablets for dishwashers or detergent for cleaning.   Using such simple tips, it will be much easier to take care of the dishwasher, and it will serve for many more years.   Now is the time to call for professional appliance repair in San Diego County. 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