The kitchen stove is the heart of every kitchen. The gas stove is in demand among users because it is more economical and cheaper to maintain. But, how to choose the right quality and reliable stove for your kitchen? In this article, we will tell you how to do it correctly and what to look for.   Tip #1   Before you buy a gas stove, you need to know where it will stand. After all, it depends on what size the stove will fit. When deciding on the installation location of the gas stove, you should take into account that there should be an extractor hood above it, and the surface near which it will stand should be ceramic. These are well-known safety standards.   Tip #2   Choosing a gas stove, the first thing you need to decide on is the work surface and burners.   The hob can be enameled – durable and affordable. But, it has some drawbacks, for example, it is difficult to wash it from grease and dirt, it loses its original appearance over time, and it is not recommended to wash it with a hard sponge. The longer you use the enamel surface, the more scratches and chips will be on it.   The stainless steel worktop looks stylish in the kitchen. It is easier to wash, it is not afraid of hard sponges and even metal scrapers. The disadvantages include the need for special detergents and the fact that fingerprints remain visible on them. Yes, and its price is higher than the enamel surface.   The glass-ceramic surface looks efficient and elegant. It retains its original appearance for a long time, is easy to clean, and is very wear-resistant. The only thing that the manufacturer recommends is to wipe the stove immediately after cooking. The disadvantage of such a surface is the high cost of a gas stove with such a hob.   Experts say that if you take proper care, then any coating of the hob will serve for a long time. Therefore, it is worth choosing the money that you can afford to spend.   As for the burners, they should be matched to the dishes. Flames should warm only the bottom of the dishes, so the gas stove must have a large burner and a small burner. It is also important to place the burners on the stove itself.   Tip #3   When choosing a gas stove, choose models that have a gas control system. This system provides reliable protection against gas leakage. For example, let’s take the case when milk escaped and accordingly extinguished the flame, at this time the gas control system will stop the gas supply.   Today, almost all models of gas stoves are equipped with this system, but you still need to ask when buying about its availability in the model on which you stopped.   Tip #4   If you buy a conventional stove, it is very important to know a little more about the oven of the gas stove. The oven can be gas or electric. In this case, it is not worth talking about which one will be better. It should also be noted that if you like to cook in the oven, then you need to pay attention to the equipment of the oven. The big advantage of those ovens is that have a fan, temperature control sensor, and other additional functionality, such as lighting, grill, and others.   Tip #5   Modern stoves are no longer comparable to those that were offered on the market twenty years ago. Therefore, the stoves have many additional features that are welcomed by users. That is why, when you come to the store, ask what additional features the model you like has. It can be a timer, a drawer for dishes, electric ignition, and others.   And best of all, before visiting a home appliance store, check out, using the Internet, what gas stoves exist, and read reviews on the forums. And most importantly, decide whether you need additional functions, or a conventional gas stove will be quite enough for you, without any frills!   Contact us (619) 719-5005 [email protected]