The electric panel has spiral shades that are covered with glass ceramics. Thanks to the flat design, the device is easy to clean, as dirt does not accumulate and does not get into hard-to-reach places. This type of surface has a higher price tag compared to gas panels. The appearance is more aesthetic and more attractive. Heating is performed quickly enough, but it will not be possible to adjust the power at a fast pace. The absence of an open fire makes the stove completely safe. Among the main advantages – are wide control capabilities and automatic protection. Be sure to consider the future installation, as the installation requires a cable of the desired cross-section, the power of which is calculated taking into account the hob itself. In addition to traditional copies, there is another type – induction hobs. Their peculiarity is that the heating is performed directly through the cookware, and the panel itself remains cold. The induction electric panel has high efficiency, but when using it, you need a certain type of cookware. If you decide to choose an induction hob, please note that only magnetic metal cookware with a flat, perfectly flat bottom can be used with such a panel. Another frequent nuance is the size of the heating element. It can be smaller than the painted area on the glass ceramic. In this situation, there is a danger of deformation of the dishes. And in the cooking process, there will be a problem of uneven frying. Caring for the induction hob is not difficult, since the surface itself does not heat up. This means that food particles that get on the stove will not burn. It is enough to wipe the panel with a dry or damp cloth, depending on the complexity of the contamination. Moreover, the cleaning process can be carried out immediately during the cooking process by blotting the broth or milk with a napkin. When looking for an electric hob, you need to consider the type of burner. Among the possible performances: – rapid; – halogen; – Hi-Light. Rapid burners are usually installed on panels of the budget segment. This is a spiral-shaped heating element that heats up under the influence of electricity. Halogen burners in addition to the usual heating element are equipped with a halogen lamp, which produces much more heat. Hi-Light – burners of a new generation with a tape-type heater. This type of burner is considered the most efficient but also represented by a high price. As for the combined hobs, they are equipped with gas and electric burners. Ideal for those who face interruptions in electricity or gas supply, and also use gas cylinders. Also among the advantages are the economy and the use of any cookware. Combined hobs have a high cost and also require certain conditions during installation. If you notice that your hob is not working correctly. It’s time to call for professional appliance repair in San Diego County. San Diego Appliance Repair Service is here to help with professional and experienced appliance repair to make your sleek cooktop look new again. Contact us (619) 719-5005 [email protected]