How To Care Of Your Ceramic Or Glass Cooktop
If you have a glass or ceramic cooktop at your home, you are well aware of the cleaning and care challenges over the old coil electric element burners. Here are some simple ways that appliance repair professionals in San Diego County suggest to keep your smooth cooktop looking as new as the day you bought it.

Say No To Cast Iron

Unfortunately, cast iron cookware has bottoms that are quite rough. Any movement of your cookware on your smooth cooktop can leave scratches and marks. In fact, any cookware that has a rough, unfinished bottom can scratch your glass or ceramic cooktop.

Cookware With Rounded Edges Are Not Recommended

Do not use cookware with rounded edges. Manufacturers and appliance repair specialists in San Diego County suggest that pots and pans that sit flat on your smooth cooktop will not only perform better as heat will distribute more evenly, but they will be more stable and less likely to rock and move.

Say No To Abrasive Cleaners

Never use any cleaner or cleaning cloths or pads that have abrasive properties. These will scratch your cooktop. Always use a soft cloth and a specialized cream cleaning solution specifically designed for smooth cooktops.

No Dragging

Never drag a heavy pot against your cooktop. Always lift to transfer your pots to another area of the cooktop to avoid the risk of scratches.

Keep It Clean

Keep the bottoms of all your cookware clean. Any grease buildup will leave silver tinged rings or marks on your cooktop. Sometimes these can be cleaned off, but often they can mar a top permanently. When cooking any sweet or sugar based food, make sure these don’t spill over on your cooktop. Sugary substances can discolor the cooktop.

Never Stand On Your Cooktop

Standing on top of your cooktop for any reason, such as to reach a high shelf, can structurally damage it. Although it may look fine at first, once the glass or ceramic is heated, it could break or shatter. Glass and ceramic cooktops are not built to sustain any heavy object, including a human. Avoid an appliance repair call in Richmond by not standing on your range.

No Hot Bakeware

Always avoid placing hot bakeware on top of your cooktop. Before you place a hot piece of bakeware, always place a dry towel down first.

Don’t Put That Spoon Down!

Don’t put stirring utensils down on a warm cooktop or you are asking for a mess that will be difficult to clean up. Your glass or ceramic cooktop may be a bit more work to clean and maintain, but it can look and perform great for years to come. If you have any questions about your appliances, call the appliance repair experts at San Diego Appliances Repair. We continue to serve the San Diego County for appliance repairs and problems great and small. Contact us:

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