Refrigerator Repair
You never know when you will come home one day and the refrigerator isn’t running anymore, only you won’t know it until you open the door to get something to snack on or drink and the light doesn’t come on. Or maybe the light still comes on but it’s quiet because the motor’s not running and the milk you drink is no longer cold. It is at that moment you realize that everything you have placed inside your refrigerator for your family to eat and drink is now wasted because you can no longer determine what’s good and what’s gone bad so it all has to be thrown out and you need to call an appliance repair technician in San Diego County that can come out and fix it immediately.

Keep your cool

Before you begin ditching the food, you may want to take a step back and know that this is not the worst thing that can happen and you will get through this. What was you planning on serving for dinner tonight? Chances are that meal can still be prepared as the refrigerator has only been out for a little while and as long as the fridge door stays shut, it can maintain the foods for a certain amount of time. The more you open that door, the quicker it will heat up everything inside.

Disconnect the power

If you happen to notice that the refrigerator begins to start working on its own, this could still indicate that something is wrong. First check the plug in to determine if it has a good connection. If not, plug it in and the problem is most likely solved. However, if you look at the plug in and it looks like it is in fact, you may want to go ahead and pull the refrigerator from the wall and visually search the back without touching anything to see if you notice any leaking of fluids or if maybe the motor smells like its overheating.

Turn down the heat, turn up the AC

It’s important to go ahead and turn down the heat in your home and possibly consider turning on the air conditioning if you have one so you can keep your refrigerator in a cool home instead of a warm home. If it sets in a warm home without running, it won’t take long for the contents inside the fridge to begin heating up. If your fridge goes out in the summer time, you can turn the air conditioning unit on up keep it cooler in the kitchen area.

Store food outside

If its wintertime, the refrigerator is going to be easier to keep cool until you can get it fixed. Inside the refrigerator is insulated and as long as you can keep the doors closed on your unit, you will be able to keep your foods from spoiling sooner. If necessary and if you are able, move the refrigerator into a garage or back porch where it will be in the cold until you can make other arrangements. Contact us:

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