Despite the fact that dishwashers have become so popular, some users still do not know how to use them correctly and do not put the dishes in correctly. The result of such wrong actions can be spoiled dishes or in the worst case – the failure of the dishwasher. The design of almost all models of such equipment is made on the same layout. The placement of shelves, baskets, and trays in the machine is almost identical. Let’s figure out how to properly operate dishwashers and put dishes in them. Dishwasher baskets. In each machine can be built two baskets: lower and upper. The upper basket should mainly contain cutlery (cups, glasses, and not very dirty plates). In each machine, it is possible to adjust the placement of the basket, and only in more expensive models of machines, it is possible to adjust the already filled basket. The basket, which is located at the bottom of the device, is used for washing bulky kitchen appliances: pots, baking sheets, trays, pans, etc. Thanks to the holders, you can adjust the basket by extending or hiding them depending on the size of the dishes. In some machines, the lower basket can be removed, which is very convenient, because you can put bulky dishes directly on the bottom of the machine. Trays, holders, and clamps of machines. Each machine has various devices that can be used to arrange kitchen utensils as conveniently as possible. Small appliances such as knives, spoons, and forks should be placed in the trays. There may be several such parts in the machine. The number of devices that can fit in the tray can also be different, depending on the type of machine. You can find out this data in the technical documentation for the device. Glasses and glasses should be placed on special holders located at the top of the chamber. Some types of machines may have nozzles for washing sheets, which are located at the top of the basket. In addition, they can be used to wash grates, trays, filters for hoods, and other bulky items. What must be taken into account when placing dishes in the dishwasher: – all kitchen appliances in the device should not touch each other; – dishes should not be an obstacle in the operation of water sprayers; – cutlery must not be inserted into each other; – the temperature regime must correspond to the material from which the devices are made; – large objects should be placed upside down so that water does not accumulate in them during the operation of the machine. So, taking into account all these recommendations when using dishwashers, you can avoid possible breakdowns. Do you need dishwasher repair? It’s time to call for professional appliance repair in San Diego County. San Diego Appliance Repair Service is here to help with professional and experienced appliance repair to keep your dishwasher looking new. Contact us (619) 719-5005 [email protected]