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A troubleshooter has learned how to keep any annoyance from becoming a troublesome problem. Sometimes, a person with little knowledge of appliances can mistake a small annoyance for a bigger issue, one that might demand expensive repairs. Thus the attitude of a trained troubleshooter stands in sharp contrast to that of the person that seems frightened, upon the appearance of a fault in any appliance. Those contrasting attitudes become most obvious at the time of what appears to be an appliance’s breakdown. Consider, for example, the way that experienced troubleshooters would deal with each of the following problems.

An electric stove will not turn on

First, make sure that the same stove has been plugged into the designated outlet. If it is plugged in, is the outlet defective? If the outlet is OK, could the problem be caused by a blown fuse, a tripped circuit breaker or a severed cable? The troubleshooter’s job must focus on elimination of those five possibilities. Only then should anyone have to think about contacting a person that has been trained to deal with more serious issues.

One or more coils do not heat up, while others keep working

Check to see if the ignition switch has failed to carry out its expected function. If that switch works fine, then check to see if the coil has been connected to the source of electrical power. Maybe the presence of a loose connection has affected the coil’s ability to heat up. Look closely at the region between the coiled element and the stove. Has some food particle gotten stuck in that same area? Finally, look for evidence that a coil has broken. Such a finding signals the need to contact an expert at repairs.

The indicator light does not go on

Examine the control switch; does it seem to be defective? If the switch is OK, then it could be a burnt out bulb. Changing such a bulb is not as easy as carrying out a similar procedure on a lighting fixture. It is best to have a technician replace the burnt out component.

You cannot adjust a burner’s temperature

Experienced appliance repair technician in San Diego County realize what could be causing that particular problem. At the same time, they see that their job has come to an end. The fault must lie within the internal ignition switch. Only a professional repair person should deal with that same switch.

A pot wobbles when placed on a burner

That discovery should send you on a hunt for appliance parts. It seems that one coil does not fit tightly. Get a new one, if you do not want any food to get onto a section of the stove’s inner workings. Contact us:

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