Repair Or Replace Your Appliance
Did your washer, dishwasher, dryer, refrigerator, oven or stove start malfunctioning and you don’t know whether you should fix or replace your appliance? You are not the only one! In fact, most people are uncertain when to actually replace their appliances. In this article, we will help you make a decision. How expensive is the repair of your appliance? According to various professional repairmen, you should replace your appliance if the cost of the repair goes beyond 50% of the price of a new appliance. In that price, you should include the price of the installation as well. In addition, with a new appliance, you get a warranty of up to two years. Therefore, if your new appliance faces any issues, you will get a repair service for free. On the other hand, if the repair price is minimal, you don’t have to replace your appliance yet. Simply call a technician to fix the specific issue of your appliance and save some money. How often does your appliance need a repair service? Even if the repairs of your appliance are not expensive, fixing your unit often will be costly. That being said, you should consider how frequently your appliance needs a repair service. If it’s every few weeks or even months, it is not profitable to keep the same appliance. The price of the repairs will turn out to be even more expensive than buying a new appliance. Instead, you should buy a new product and avoid calling a repairman so often. The average lifespan of home appliances Depending on the brand and quality, this is the average lifespan of the most common home appliances: Refrigerator – Up to 13 years Dishwasher – 8 to 10 years Washer – 8 to 13 years Dryer – 10 to 13 years Range – 13 to 15 years Oven – 13 to 15 years If your appliance is showing some small issues but it’s already too old, we suggest replacing it on time. Replace and repair Not many people can afford buying a whole set of new appliances at the same time. Therefore, if you decided to replace some of the units, prioritize the most affected/old ones. Accordingly, buy a new appliance if necessary and fix the appliances that are still in a good shape. That way, you will not spend too much money and you will have all your appliances working properly. Furthermore, you can save money for the next appliance and replace it over time. San Diego Appliance Repair Company is the best provider of appliance repair services in the San Diego County. Call us anytime at (619) 719-5005. Whether you need our repairmen to clear the filters or repair refrigerator compressor, our fridge servicing includes all types of refrigerator repairs. Our technicians will bring all the spare parts and equipment to your home and fix your freezer quickly and efficiently! Contact us:

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