refrigerator 6 common problems
The refrigerator is one of the most important appliances at home. This is because it helps preserve food, a basic human need. It also ensures that water and other drinkable liquids are cold and fresh. But like other appliances, refrigerators are vulnerable to damage. It is usually after several years of usage that the refrigerator starts to act up and show a lot of signs of damage. Is there something wrong with your refrigerator? Here are some easy fixes for you to try out.

It loses its coolness

The refrigerator will definitely be useless if it loses its coolness. Well, there are a number of possible causes as to why the refrigerator would not keep the food cold. It might be that the thermostat was accidentally turned down. You might want to check on that. Or probably, the refrigerator has been disconnected from the outlet. Also, you might want to make sure that the vents inside the refrigerator are not blocked by food or containers of food. Cool air should be able to flow and circulate within the unit. You should also check the vacuum coils and make sure that they are not clogged. Having a refrigerator that does not become cool is a problem that needs to be attended to right away.

It is ‘sweating’

There might also be that problem of your refrigerator ‘sweating’. You might notice one day there are teardrops of water around your refrigerator exterior. Exterior sweating can definitely be an annoyance. It is usually caused by bad door seals. Door seals have to be replaced automatically once they show signs of damage. Another possible cause of sweating is poor insulation. But if the door seals as well as the insulation system of the refrigerator are both okay, then the problem would definitely have something to do with the heater inside the door channel. Sweating can be a sign that your fridge would not be able to preserve your food pretty soon.

Its ice machine is not working

The ice machine is one of the best features of the modern refrigerator. It is always nice to be able to easily get ice cubes for your soda or your lemonade. But if your ice machine is not working, there are a number of easy fixes that you can try. First, you would have to confirm that no foreign objects are disrupting the flow of water into the water fill tubes. You should also consider checking the water inlet valve and clean it from debris that has possibly accumulated over time. Other possible parts that have been damaged or are probably facing challenges with their functionality include the ice filter, the ice maker assembly, and the water filter.

It is leaking

Another refrigerator problem that you would not want to deal with is leaking. You know you have a leaking problem if you see a puddle of water surrounding your refrigerator. Refrigerators leak from a number of possible locations. It is a good thing that most leaks are very easy to fix. First, you should check the drain tubes and make sure they are not clogged. Cleaning the tubes often fix the problem. If the problem does not have anything to do with the drain tube, you should check the inlet line. Tightening the inline connections usually solve the problem. Also, you should check the drip pan if it has any hole or crack. New drip pans are readily available at home repair stores in case you need your old one replaced.

The freezer has a lot of frost

A clear sign that your refrigerator is too cold is that there is a lot of frost in the freezer compartment. Normally, refrigerators have to go through a defrost cycle automatically. That prevents frost build up. One reason for frost build up would be the fridge door being accidentally left open. Moisture can easily condense into water or frost because of high humidity caused by an open door. If you are making sure that the refrigerator door is always closed and you do not think that that is the problem, you might wnat to check the door seals for leaks. Frost build up can lead to other consequences. For instance, frost is very capable of blocking the air diffuser with ice. Once your air diffuser gets blocked, there is a huge chance for your fresh food compartment to warm up.

It is making noise

Have you ever passed by your refrigerator one time and you hear strange noise that you have not heard before? Well, compressors usually get noisy as they operate especially if they have already been around for quite some time already. But if what you are hearing is quite loud, then there is a chance that it has something to do with the condenser fan. It is installed next to the fridge compressor and it is responsible for moving the air across the condenser coils and the compressor for cooling purposes. Check the compressor fan and make sure that no foreign object is hitting it as it rotates. Remember these quick fixes if you have a refrigerator. If you ever need expert refrigerator repair service, contact San Diego Appliance Repair Service. Contact us:

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