Guidelines To Follow When Using A Washer And Dryer Combo
First, appreciate the exact nature of the appliance that you intend to use. Understand that it should be viewed as an all-in-one washer and dryer. Hence, it does not demonstrate all the features that can be found in a unit where the washer and dryer operate independently.

Strategies that help to prolong the combo’s lifespan

Take the time to remove all hard objects from the pockets of any clothes that you plan to wash. Once the washer has started, listen for any rattling sound. If you hear such a sound, stop the washer; find and remove the hard object that has created the rattle. Then restart the machine. If that does not work, call on the appliance repair service in San Diego County. There are two other times when the user must pay attention to a recognized warning signal. Once the washer is working, listen for a squealing sound. If you hear one, halt the washing process. The squealing indicates that the load appears too heavy. Take out some of the clothes; then again restart the machine. A different signal might be noted by the nerve endings in your nose, if you are using the combo. Once the washer has started, make sure that you do not detect the smell of rubber. If you do, stop the appliance and take out some of the clothes. That makes the load less heavy and paves the way for a restarting of the machine. Besides hearing and smelling, the combo’s user must utilize two other senses. The user must both look and feel. When you are that user, you must watch for the appearance of any vibrations in the working combo.If you note the development of such vibrations, turn the appliance off and adjust its leveling legs. The adjustments should not allow any leg to float in the air. Once the appliance’s legs have been properly adjusted, all four legs should be touching the ground. Since no combos have a venting system, you must pay close attention to the condition of the combo’s lint screen, any time that you elect to use that particular appliance. Examine that screen both before and after doing a load of clothes. The lint cannot escape by means of a vent, so it must remain in the machine. Consequently, the lint screen gets full in a hurry.

One feature that the combo shares with the traditional washer and dryer

All three appliances run on the power supplied by electricity. Any one of them will fail to function, if it has not been plugged into an electrical outlet. That does not mean that all three of the machines will need an outlet with the same voltage. Check the manufacturer’s literature, in order to learn the proper voltage to use with a combo. Contact us. (619) 719-5005   [email protected]