Fridge Recycling
Everyone knows where and how to buy a refrigerator. Big home improvement stores bombard commercial airwaves with advertisements and limited-time offers, giving you all the information you need to purchase and pick up your new fridge, but nobody’s that eager to explain how old ones are disposed of. It makes sense; nobody makes a sales commission off of an eco-friendly fridge disposal. Though you may not realize it, that old refrigerator rusting away in your garage or basement is an environmental time-bomb. Fortunately, the San Deigo Appliance Repair team is here to diffuse it! Improper disposal can be really harm the environment, but we’ve assembled a number of tips to help you get rid of your old appliances safely and affordably. Get your appliance repair in San Diego today, with local San Deigo Appliance Repair Company!

Understanding What’s At Stake – Old Refrigerator Facts

Old refrigerators contain internationally-banned substances called chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs), known more commonly as Freon. These chemicals were prohibited in 1987 by an international treaty, but many people still have dinosaur appliances hiding in their homes. CFCs greatly harm the ozone, and are many times more potent than CO2. Freon can cause “refrigerant poisoning,” and is extremely dangerous for people with existing heart conditions because it triggers cardiac arrhythmia (irregular heartbeat) and high-speed palpitations. However, the chemical itself isn’t the main problem – each old fridge will have about 10 pounds of CFC-laced foam attached to it, all of which needs to be properly disposed of, or be released into the atmosphere. It only makes sense to recycle your old fridge. Old refrigerators may also contain mercury and PCBs in their mechanical works – not something you can just cart off to the dump without a guilty conscience! Additionally, 98% of the materials used in old refrigerators can be recycled and reused; tin, steel,plastic, glass, and copper can all be reused, and your old fridge is brimming with them.

Safe Fridge Disposal Options

  • Many appliance retailers will offer to pick up and recycle your old fridge when you purchase a new one.
  • Check with your local energy office or electric utility. These companies are starting to support refrigerator and freezer recycling programs.
  • Ask about municipal pick-up programs; many municipalities offer these services on a monthly basis, sometimes with a small fee attached.
  • Talk to your local scrap metal recycling service, and ask for assurance that your old unit will be properly recycled.

Have you considered a repair?

It’s often tempting to replace your fridge the second it stops working the way you want it to. This temptation is only fed by the never ending influx of new models being released, but have you considered an appliance repair? You may be able to save the costs of a replacement, and avoid the hassle of a responsible disposal. A fast, affordable, same-day repair is possible – just call our appliance repair experts at (619) 719-5005 ! Contact us:

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