A few simple measures can dramatically improve how well your fridge works. An overworked refrigerator wastes energy and can significantly increase your energy costs. In order to keep your fridge working efficiently you should ensure that you apply some (or better yet, all) of the tips below. Read on for four top tips for keeping your refrigerator working efficiently.

1: Placement

The placement of your refrigerator can make a big difference in how efficiently it works. Refrigerator units that are placed too closely against a wall results in heat being generated which in turn results in the refrigerator having to work much harder at keeping cool. Leaving a space of approximately 3 inches at the top and 1 inch at the back between the condenser and the wall will ensure adequate space for the hot air generated by your fridge to move up and away. You should also ensure that your refrigerator is placed away from direct sunlight, ovens, radiators, boilers and any other heat sources as these will force the compressor to constantly run. Aim to keep your refrigerator in a room which has a temperature below 110°F.

2: Door Seals

Ensure the door seals shut tightly. If they do not, the interior of the fridge can warm up due to external heat. If you are not sure if your refrigerator door seals are providing a strong enough seal, then carry out the following check. Place a money note or thin piece of paper in the door and then close the door, if the seals are working correctly, the note or paper should be jammed tight and difficult to remove. If the paper slides out easily, then it is time to replace the seals.

3: Empty spaces

Empty spaces cause your refrigerator to work overtime. If you do not have a full fridge, then simply fill up empty soda bottles, juice containers or any other kind of container with tap water, and place in the fridge. This will keep your fridge capacity full, helping to keep your fridge cool. Apply this tip for the freezer compartment also.

4: General maintenance

Your refrigerator should be well maintained to ensure a long life. Keep it clean and dust free, particularly around any exposed condenser coils on the back of the unit. Conduct a seal check from time to time to ensure that the seals are working well. If there seems to be any major cooling issues with your refrigerator then call up a fridge repair company to have a check carried out. A repair technician can carry out any necessary repairs to get your refrigerator working correctly again, or can advise you if the refrigerator needs to be replaced. A repair technician can also carry out appliance repairs on other appliances you may be concerned about, such as washing machine repairs and dishwasher repairs. Lastly, keep in mind that newer refrigerator models are more energy efficient that older models, so if your fridge is quite old it may be worthwhile investing in a newer model. Contact us:

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