my fridge is noisy1
Is your refrigerator making noise? First of all, determine what sounds it makes. Is it a banging, gurgling, or more of a popping sound? Yes, sometimes it is not so simple and definite. We recommend that you use some very simple logic before moving on to a more detailed analysis of the problem. Does the refrigerator accidentally touch the surrounding furniture, is there an object on it? If you rule out this “problem,” it’s time to move on to further diagnosis. Bubbling or other noises in the refrigerator can also be caused by a faulty compressor, a freon leak, or a faulty evaporator fan motor. A banging sound, click or clatter (which can be perceived differently by everyone) is most often related to the blades in the fans. First, unplug your refrigerator and check the blades on the evaporator and condenser fans. Most likely, you will encounter a mechanical obstruction that is preventing them from working properly. Simply remove the obstruction and plug in the refrigerator. Be sure to clean the blades. They can also get stuck because of accumulated dirt, such as dust clumps. If the refrigerator does not stop making noise even after the obstacle is removed, or if you do not find it, try turning the blades gently (wiggling them). If you are unable to unwind them, it is likely that replacement cannot be avoided. A bursting refrigerator may seem frightening in some circumstances, but more often than not it is not a malfunction, but a perfectly normal phenomenon that results from the expansion and contraction of the internal parts of the refrigerator. Simply saying, the refrigerator is trying to equalize the temperature, so its internal parts are constantly contracting and expanding. Note that, a properly working refrigerator should make at least some noise. If your refrigerator is completely silent, check its compressor. If your refrigerator is making unusual noises and you need help, call us, San Diego Appliance RepairWe are the best option among other household appliance repair service providers in San Diego. Our dedicated refrigerator repair engineers are regularly trained to service all existing and new freestanding, integrated and built-in units from any manufacturer. They can repair any refrigerator brand, wherever you bought it. Refrigerators, freezers, ice-makers are our specialty for many years. We pride ourselves on being able to claim that we do have thousands of happy customers, satisfied with our quick and quality work. We make the process of repairing your refrigerator really easy. Our experienced and skilled technicians will provide you with the best refrigerator repair service in San Diego along with free maintenance advice if needed. Book your refrigerator repair either by calling us or on our website. Contact us. (619) 719-5005   [email protected]