Five Garbage Disposal Myths
If you’re like most garbage disposal owners, you may have heard the ever beloved garbage disposals myths. Appliance repair technicians in San Diego County have realized that no other kitchen appliance seems to elicit more false information and old wives tales than the lowly garbage disposal. Let’s take a look.

Put Ice Down The Disposal To Keep Blades Sharp

Myth! Almost 20% of garbage disposal owners believe that ice will help sharpen their blades, but the fact is, there are no sharp “blades” in a garbage disposal. Garbage disposals grind up food with small impellers that grate food into smaller pieces. So they work more like a cheese grater than a set of blades.

You Should Always Run Hot Water With Your Garbage Disposal

Myth! Although it seems to make sense that hot water would help dissolve grease, the truth of the matter is that cold water is the one to use. This will keep fats solid in order to grind and pass through the pipes. Melted fats will tend to harden and congeal as they move into the piping and can lodge there, creating plumbing problems. San Diego County appliance repair technicians advise to use your cold water, keep the fat hard, and grind it up for the best outcome.

Grinding Lemon Peels Will Make Your Garbage Disposal Smell Better

Myth! While it’s true that a lemon can help with stale food smells, if you use lemons repeatedly in the garbage disposal, the acidity of the lemon can actually damage the metal components of the machine.

Your Disposal Can Handle It All

Myth! Your disposal is pretty hardy, but it’s not invincible. A disposal is designed to grind soft food particles. Not bones, Not corn cobs. Not popcorn kernels. San Diego County appliance repair professionals say that if your teeth can’t chew it, your disposal can’t either.

Your Disposal Is Bad For The Environment

Myth! Considering that food is the biggest waste product disposed in landfills each year, that’s a lot of decomposition and greenhouse emission. Food that is ground in a garbage disposal is taken with wastewater to a treatment plant where it is broken down by bacteria, and, in some cases, used to produce things like fertilizers and green energy. In all truth, you can care for your appliances as best you can and there will still be times you will need the services of a trusted appliance repair technician in San Diego County. At those times, call the professionals at San Diego Appliance Repair Company. We have served the appliance needs of households throughout San Diego County with professional and reasonable appliance repair services for years. Call us for peace of mind whenever your appliances need a hand. Contact us:

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