Common Problems With Electric Ovens
With so many advances in technology, you’d think your electric oven, such as the ones offered by Electrolux, would be immune to common oven issues. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case, but repairing them is getting simpler with many replaceable parts being available to consumers. Be aware, though. If you are unsure of what to do or don’t have a lot of experience repairing your own appliances, it’s best to leave it to the professionals.You can do a lot more damage trying to be your own handyman. For a quick and affordable repair on your electric Electrolux oven, do not hesitate to reach out to experienced technicians at San Diego Appliance Repair Company today.

Five Common Electric Oven Problems

We’ve listed five common problems that electric ovens tend to run into. No power to the oven: If your oven is on a 13amp socket and plug, then there is a good chance the fuse might have blown. If the plug is the oven’s main source of power, the supply of electricity might have been interrupted. Try resetting your home’s main fuse board and see if that brings power back to your oven. If your oven still has no power after the reset, there might be an internal problem, have a technician to take a look to diagnose. Oven has power but won’t heat up: If the oven will turn on but isn’t heating up then your elements are most likely damaged and will need to be replaced. You can order the elements online or from a parts manufacturer and replace them yourself, or you can call for a technician to do it for you. Just make sure you order the right elements for your model oven. Oven burns food: If your oven is burning your food, the thermostat might be faulty; to check it get an oven thermometer, available at most hardware stores, and place it in your oven at various temperatures. If the temperature is not accurate, your thermostat will probably need to be replaced. Again, if you are comfortable you can do this yourself, or you can call for a skilled technician to do it. Control knobs and door getting too hot: This is common in ovens without cooling fans, which blow cool air out from the top of the oven, which cools the knobs and door once the appliance has been switched off. There is not much you can do but wait for the oven to cool down on its own in this case. If your oven does have a cooling fan and this is happening, there might be a problem with the motor and it should be replaced. The motor should be located near the top of your unit closer to the back. Once you have found it, remove the top cover and electrical wires that are connected to the motor; take note of where each wire goes, as you will have to put them back into place later. Next, remove the screws holding the motor into place and install the new one. Then replace the screws, wires, and top cover and you’re done. Oven doors won’t close properly: If your oven door is looking a little lopsided, there’s a good chance the door hinges are damaged or loose. This is fairly common after years of use; luckily this is an easy fix. If the hinges have just come loose, simply take a screwdriver and tighten them. If the hinges have been damaged, it’s a little trickier, but still a fairly simple fix; just purchase new door hinges at a home hardware store or online. Remove the damaged hinges and replace with the new ones using a screwdriver. If you’re going to do this yourself make sure you buy the right hinges for you oven door. If you’re unsure how to go about it properly you can always call a professional to take a look at it, as they’ll know what parts to get and how to fix it – quick! If your Electrolux oven is still giving you trouble, call San Diego Appliance Repair Company for a quick and easy repair! We guarantee same day warrantied repairs! Call us at 1-619-719-5005 today! Contact us:

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