Energy Efficient Dishwasher Facts You Should Know
When it comes to new dishwashers on the market today, it is amazing how far they have come even in a couple short decades. If you purchased your home in the mid 90’s, that dishwasher that came with it costs you $40 more in energy costs per year than one purchased today. But even more amazing is the water usage. A dishwasher purchased with today’s technology would save you approximately 3,700 liters in water annually from that mid-90’s dishwasher. Add an additional 3,700 liters of water savings if you wait for a full load and that is a huge amount of water saved each year.

Most Energy is Used Heating the Water

Consider the fact that nearly 80 percent of the energy used by your dishwasher is merely to heat the water! Run the hot water at your faucet first and you will have immediate hot water available instead of using the energy to heat it up inside the dishwasher. This can help save a tremendous amount of energy.

Hand washing Vs. Dishwasher Washing

And the winner is your dishwasher! According to a study conducted at the University of Bonn in Germany, even the most careful hand washing technique had a difficult time competing with today’s modern dishwasher. The study found that the modern dishwasher used only half the amount of energy and a sixth the amount of water than doing a comparable amount of dishes by hand.

Some Technology Isn’t Better

New smart dishwashers with dirt sensors were found to use significantly more energy than ones without the sensor, according to Consumer Reports. This additional energy usage is not usually reflected in the Energy Guide sticker rating. Technology is good but you may want to skip this particular bell and whistle.

So what can you take away from these facts?

– Skip the hand washing. This is good news, isn’t it? – It may be time for an update to your dishwasher considering the amount of energy and water you could be saving. Your dishwasher should last between 7 and 12 years. If it’s reaching the end of its lifespan, you may want to consider a replacement. – Don’t waste your money on some technology. If your dishwasher is struggling, it is important to get professional advice. At San Diego Appliance Repair Company, we are experts at dishwashers, both the 1990s version and the latest technology. We offer same day service in most cases so you won’t have to wait. Call the professional appliance repair experts at San Diego Appliance Repair Company today. Contact us:

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