So, you set the temperature, the timer and sent the dish to bake, and when it was finished, you found that it was beautifully browned on top, and the bottom remained in its original form. This phenomenon indicates a possible malfunction of the heating element of the oven. In order to make sure that the heater is broken, turn off the device and give it time to cool down completely. After the oven becomes cold, turn it on and carefully feel the bottom or top (depending on which zone the food is not cooked in), if there is no heating, it means that the heating element has burned out and needs to be replaced, you can do it yourself without the help of a master , but only if you have experience.   In order to replace the heating element in the oven with your own hands, you will first need to purchase an identical part in a specialized store. The lower heating element is located on the outside of the bottom of the oven, it is fastened with screws and connected with terminals. The upper one, respectively, is located in the upper part of the oven. Disconnect the device from the power supply network and dismantle the old part, and install a new one in its place, after that you can continue to enjoy the operation of the oven.  

The oven does not heat up

  If you turned on the oven, but noticed that it does not heat up at all, while the light in it is on, pay attention to the heating indicator, if it does not light up, most likely the malfunction lies in the thermostat or the thermostat sensor. In order to carry out the repair of an electrolux oven or an appliance of another brand, it is necessary to replace the part. To do this, it is necessary to remove the regulator handle and unscrew the bolts that fasten the thermostat. After that, dismantle the failed element and install a working one in its place.   If you are not sure that you can handle such work yourself, we recommend that you contact a master.  

The oven shows no signs of life

  You turn on the oven, but it does not react at all, namely, the light inside does not turn on, the timer does not show, there are absolutely no sounds? There can be many reasons for this behavior of the device, let’s figure out what needs to be checked first before calling the master.  
  1. Is there light in the house? Perhaps you simply did not pay attention to how the electricity was turned off or the automatic machines were knocked out.
  1. Is the outlet for the oven working? In order to check this, you can use an indicator screwdriver or plug in any other electrical appliance, such as a hair dryer or an iron. If the outlet is faulty, it must be repaired. It should be noted: if you absolutely do not understand anything in electricity, it is better not to make repairs yourself, but to contact a professional.
  1. Are the cable and plug for the oven working? To diagnose these elements, you need to arm yourself with a tester and check them for resistance. If the plug is defective, it must be replaced. If the wire has broken or melted and there is no resistance, you can cut off the damaged section, twist the wires in place and insulate, or replace the element completely together with the plug.
  In addition to the problems listed above, there are other, more serious ones that are quite difficult to diagnose on your own, so you will need the help of a master. So, what could have happened:  

Oxidation or burning of terminal blocks

  This could happen as a result of long and frequent use of the oven. The pads will need to be cleaned or replaced with new ones.  

Burning or damage to the wires inside the device

The wires could burn due to a voltage drop, long-term use of the oven, as well as improper care of it. For example, if you do not regularly clean the inside of the device, a lot of fat will stick to it, which will cause overheating of the internal elements, as a result, the malfunction of the oven will not be long in coming. In addition, if the oven is connected without grounding, the wiring could be damaged by a thunderstorm. Also, damage to these wires could well be provoked by mice, which are very fond of gnawing on them.  

Failure of the electronic control module

  If the electronic control module is defective, the oven must be disassembled and the element dismantled. After carrying out diagnostics, the master decides how to eliminate the malfunction. In some cases, the part is flashed. If any part (capacitor, microcircuit, fuse, controller or other) has burned out in the module, the repair is not carried out, the problem is solved only by replacing the control board. It should be noted that to replace this part, it is best to contact a service center, but if you are well versed in electronics, you can repair the oven yourself.    It’s time to call for professional appliance repair in San Diego county. San Diego Appliance Repair Service is here to help with professional and experienced appliance repairs.   Contact us   (619) 719-5005   [email protected]