If the knocking is heard in the equipment, which has worked faithfully for more than a year, the most probable reason is the compressor breakage. But if it is a new refrigerator, the problem can be hidden simply in the lapping of new details or incorrect operation of the unit. So before you call a repair specialist, make sure you can’t get rid of the noise yourself. Improper installation or operation The easiest and most common reason for a running refrigerator to make banging and other uncharacteristic noises is an insufficiently level base. Even if visually it seems that the device is installed correctly, it does not hurt to check, because due to an uneven floor one of the legs of the unit can only touch the surface, or even just hang in the air. This causes the entire cabinet to vibrate when the motor is running. You can use a horizontal building level to check the levelness by placing it on the “roof” of the unit. A simple plumb bob made of strong string and a small weight, such as a nut, can replace the tool. Another source of the sound could be the compressor coming into contact with other metal parts when skewed. Also, the knocking can be produced by tubes bent during the transportation of the unit. In this case, it is necessary to bend the elements carefully or put rubber pads to eliminate the touch. If the refrigerator has been working for a long time and all of a sudden it began to make different noises, the first thing to do is to check the temperature inside its chambers. The device is freezing properly, and nothing force majeure, except for the unusual banging and rattling, has been detected. Perhaps the reason for the increased noise can be found in overloaded shelves or in the arrangement of the food itself – pots, jars, and other hard containers can touch and bang against each other when you start or turn off the motor. Try to empty the unit completely of the supplies placed inside it, including the items on the roof of the cabinet. If the noise disappears, the problem is solved. But if the inspection reveals other problems, such as a malfunctioning backlight, snow buildup, or obvious “under-performance” at the temperature reading, you will most likely need to inspect and replace the malfunctioning parts. Now is the time to call for professional appliance repair service in San Diego County. San Diego Appliance Repair is here to help you get professional and knowledgeable appliance repairs that will keep your refrigerator running like new. Contact us (619) 719-5005 [email protected]