dryer makes noise
A dryer is undoubtedly a convenient device that allows you to dry your clothes quickly after washing. It is common for a laundry dryer to be noisy. While it’s not a completely silent appliance, strange buzzing and loud noise is not normal. Below, you will find out what are the most common dryer malfunctions that contribute to your dryer making noise. Foreign Object. If your clothes dryer is humming, you should check for other factors before calling San Diego Appliance Repair. Sometimes it happens that the appliance is working perfectly, but a small object has gotten into the drum. The drum is responsible for the air flow in the dryer, and when the equipment is running, an object caught in it causes noise and damages the drum. Dryer runs loudly – dirty gasket. The gasket (or seal) is located  between the lint chute and the bulkhead of your appliance. Lint from fabrics and dust can accumulate on it, causing the appliance to vibrate in a characteristic way. Replacing the faulty gasket should help in this situation. Damaged motor. If the dryer is running noisily, the cause may be a defective motor. It is responsible for the rotation of the drum. It consists of bearings that can wear out due to contact with moisture, leading to rusting. This in turn can cause the appliance to run louder and makes the dryer noisy. Washing dryer running noisily – Dryer Drive Belt. The drive belt is responsible for rotating the drum and connects the motor to the drum. It is a wear-and-tear component that can break or fray. It may need to be replaced, after which the noisy operation of the dryer will cease. Is your dryer running loudly? Probably an idler pulley or tensioner is not functioning properly. The tension pulley is responsible for tensioning the belt, and if it is defective, it can cause the entire belt to break. How can you diagnose if this part is faulty? You may hear a grinding sound when the drum is spinning. The drum bearing is stuck. This bearing is responsible for quiet drum rotation. You may suspect the drum bearing is worn or seized if it makes a rumbling sound. Dryer noises – Support rollers are worn out. Some dryer models have rollers that support the drum from the front. They are made of plastic, so they can wear out quickly. If your dryer is running loudly and making a vibrating sound when the drum rotates, you may need to replace the support rollers. There can be many reasons for a noisy dryer. We’ve outlined just some of them. If your laundry dryer is running loudly and you want a good appliance service to take a look at it, do not hesitate to call San Diego Appliance Repair Company. Our services are available throughout San Diego and San Diego County. If you need your dryer fixed quickly, call us, San Diego Appliance Repair, and our team of highly-qualified engineers will do everything to get your dryer working again as soon as possible. Our professional technicians are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to help you. They are capable of fixing any problem and doing any work from repairing or replacing the circuit boards to simply fixing the doors. So, whether you need dryer repair in San Diego, or elsewhere in San Diego County, we are the best option for you! Call us, SAN DIEGO APPLIANCE REPAIR, and you will get the best quality dryer repair service possible. Contact us. (619) 719-5005   [email protected]