Dryer repair
Dryers are by no means silent, but this does not mean that they should make any loud noises. A loud noise might indicate a relatively minor problem but it could be something more serious. Either way, if you notice a noise that does not sound normal or it’s louder than usual, then it could be time to call your dryer repair technician. Ignoring the problem will only allow it to get worse and this can result in further damage and higher repair costs. Read more about common problems and causes below.

Drum glides and slides

Both gas and electric dryers have drum glides that support the front of the dryer’s drum on either side. These glides are made of plastic, nylon, or Teflon and they have a cork or felt. These glides allow the drum to rotate smoothly but they do experience wear and tear. The noise is the result of metal-to-metal contact. If necessary, the whole set of glides will need replacing.

Drum bearings

A bearing supports the rear part of the drum in some models. The bearing could be a ball and socket or a shaft and sleeve bushing – depending on the model. If your dryer starts to squeak or squeal, this bearing might need to be replaced.

Drum support rollers and shaft

A number of dryer models have rollers supporting the drum. They are usually located on the rear bulkhead. Some have them on the front bulkhead too. If they are worn, you might hear a squealing noise or even a thumping sound.

Drive belt

The belt rotates the drum and, over time, it can become hard and brittle. Sometimes parts of the belt can separate and this causes a thumping noise when the drum turns. Replacing this belt will solve the problem.

Idler pulley

The idler pulley on your dryer provides tension on the drum belt. This ensures that the belt does not slip on the drum or drive motor pulley when there is a load in your dryer. The idler pulley rotates quickly and, it might fail over time. This will produce a scraping or thumping noise. When the idler pulley needs replacing, it’s also worth checking the shaft for any wear or damage.

Felt drum seal

Drum seals prevent excess air from entering the dryer drum. They also help create a cushion between the drum and the rear and front bulkheads. These seals are made from a felt-like material. If the seal is worn or torn, clothing can get stuck in the gap while the drum is turning. This can result in a thumping or scraping noise. Your clothes can become ripped or you may notice some black marks on them if this problem is not fixed.

Blower wheel and housing

The blower wheel draws the air from the heating chamber, through the drum and then out the exhaust vent. It is made from plastic and, over time, it can wear out. If the blower wheel becomes loose, you will usually hear a loud thumping noise or a roaring sound. If the blower wheel is worn, it will need to be replaced.

Baffle and lifter

The lifters or baffles are located on the inner surface of your dryer’s drum. They are there to tumble the clothes and, if one comes loose, it can result in a banging or thumping noise. It’s also important to check for any other objects under the baffles. This can cause a rattling noise and any loose objects should be removed before you repair or replace the damaged baffles.


The motor on your dryer is responsible for turning the blower and the drum on your dryer. If the motor is defective, it could result in a number of different sounds. You might hear a high-pitched noise, a humming sound, or another strange noise. These are some of the most common causes of a noisy dryer. It also doesn’t hurt to check inside the drum for any loose objects rolling around and make sure that your dryer is level. It might require regular leveling from time to time. When you call a technician to perform dryer repairs, it’s important to let them know exactly what kind of noise you are hearing and all the relevant details such as the brand and model number. This will allow the technician to arrive prepared with the right tools and parts to repair your dryer right away. At San Diego Appliance Repair Company, we provide speedy and reliable dryer repairs throughout the San Diego County. When you contact our team of professionals, we will arrive quickly with a fully-stocked van. Our goal is to diagnose the problem and perform the necessary repairs during our first visit. Call (619) 719-5005 for expert San Diego dryer repairs you can depend on. All of our repairs are backed by our satisfaction guarantee for added peace of mind. Contact us:

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