Does Your Oven Need Regular Maintenance
Your range and stove is one of the most important appliances in your kitchen. This is where most of your meals will be prepared and cooked. A lot of care and time should be put into choosing the best stove for you and whether you decide on gas or electric, there are some things to keep in mind when maintaining this appliance. By following a few simple rules your range can last you for many years without need of repair or replacement. These rules are easy to follow and take very little time.

Clean the stove

You need to clean your stove regularly. This means both the interior and exterior should be washed on a regular basis. In fact, the exterior of your stove should be wiped down after each use. The interior/oven should be cleaned three to four times per month. Some stoves have self-cleaning ovens. But, if yours does not, use oven cleaner and a clean cloth to wipe the inside down. Be sure that your stove is cool before beginning the task of cleaning it. There are different types of ranges. Some have a flat glass range, while others have metal burners with drip pans. If you have a flat glass range it is important to be careful, when cleaning it. You should use a mild cleaner with a soft cloth. Do not use scratch pads or rough sponges as this can scratch the surface. In fact no matter the type of range you should use a mild cleaner to avoid wearing off of the decals. If your stove has removable burners, you can wash them in the sink with your dishes. These can be scrubbed to remove old food and stains. At some point, you will probably need to replace the drip pans as these wear out easily. But, try using some oven cleaner or degreaser to wash them first. Those tough stains might just need a little extra work.

Self-cleaning ovens

Self-cleaning ovens are really easy to maintain. However, be sure to remove the racks before turning on this function as they will warp under the intense heat. Also, be sure to run a self-clean cycle a couple weeks before a planned event. This will ensure that if anything goes wrong you will have time to fix the problem before needing your oven. Some often forgotten maintenance includes cleaning the glass on front of the oven door and replacing the light bulbs. Cleaning the glass regularly will not only keep your stove looking brand new but it will also help with the functioning. Replacing your light bulb is easily and should be done as soon as the bulb burns out. This will help you see interior of your oven better and is considered a safety mechanism. With plenty of issues that can crop up, it is important that you have an appliance repair service in Sa n Diego County on speed dial. Contact us:

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