Does Your Microwave Fails To Heat And Makes A Buzzing Noise
Microwaves are a great way to quickly heat up some food without having to wait for your oven to get warm. However, due to the nature of the technology used behind them, it’s important to know that they can malfunction quite a lot. The consequences can be serious as they take advantage of complex microwave technology which needs to be accounted for. If your microwave oven fails to heat up your dishes and it makes buzzing noises which are rather loud, you have an issue. The problem might be in a few components, so let’s have a look.

Power diode

A diode is an integral electronic component which readily passes electric current in a certain direction and blocks the same in the opposite direction. If this component has failed or it is malfunctioning, the microwave oven is not going to heat properly and you will definitely hear a buzzing sound. You can test the component to see if it’s the thing which is actually causing your problem. If it’s defective – you should replace it right away and refrain from using the machine in the meantime.

High voltage capacitor

This is a device which is specifically designated to store electricity. If it’s defective, this could be the cause for your microwave not working as intended and making a buzzing or a humming noise in return. The capacitor needs to be tested to see if it’s the one causing the problem – this is not a big deal but if it’s the defective product, you need to replace it before you ever use the machine again.


Make sure that you test out the magnetron as this is the third possible component which may be giving you the headache of not working microwave. Replace it immediately if it is actually defective. Now, a serious note that you need to take into incredible consideration is that your microwave oven is actually capable of giving you a very serious electrical shock. This is true even when it’s unplugged. This is the main reason for which it is highly advisable that you take advantage of the services of a professional appliance technician. This is going to ensure that the professionals handle the repairs by adhering to the industry standards. Usually they will come with the requisite tools and replacements parts to ensure that everything is completed immediately and you have a working appliance when they leave. What is more, a microwave technician can easily tell you if it’s even worth the repair. In certain situations, a malfunctioning integral component could actually cost you a lot more to repair and it might be more cost-efficient to simply buy a new unit. Of course, this is a decision for you to consider but in some situations it might really be the better option. However, you can discuss the options with the appliance repair technician in San Diego County. Contact us:

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