Do You Want To Replace The Old And Broken Appliance Or Want To Repair It
If you open up the refrigerator door and notice that everything is warm, you can’t afford to be down long without a working fridge. While it would be easy to run out to the appliance store and purchase a new one, you may be better off to simply hire a professional to fix the one you have or try to fix it on your own. Most of the time, you can hire an appliance repair professional in San Diego County to come to your home fairly quickly however, it does cost a lot of money. Will it cost you less than if you purchase a new appliance? Maybe yes, most of the time! Life expectancy of appliances It’s very important that you know how long your appliances are designed to last. The information below is based on you taking good care of the appliance by performing regular maintenance such as dusting the coils in the back of the refrigerator, allowing good air flow throughout the unit, and not overcrowding the appliance inside or out. – Dryer: 13 years – Washing machine: 10 years – Kitchen range and oven ( gas appliances ): 15 years – Freezer: 11 years – Refrigerator: 13 years – Dishwasher: 9 years When deciding what to do, ask yourself these questions first. It will help you determine your next step.

Question #1: Is your appliance really broken down?

A: Sometimes the answer can be as simple as the cat walking behind the fridge and stepping on the plug just enough to pull it out so it doesn’t make a connection. It could also be a bad surge protector or a tripped circuit breaker. You can also view your user manual for further instructions on troubleshooting.

Question #2: What type of warranty does my appliance currently have?

A: If your appliance is still covered under a warranty, then you may want to see if you can get your appliance repaired at no charge to you. If your appliance is not under warranty, then chances are good that you need to replace the unit you have.

Question #3: Has this particular problem happened before?

A: If you have had this problem before then you may need to think back to what you tried and obviously what worked to get it going.

Question #4: What would it cost to replace your current appliance?

A: Because prices are constantly changing, it’s important to note that you most likely won’t get the same model for the same price. There are additional fees that sometimes come into play such as the removal of your current appliance, the installation of a new one and all the taxes associated with purchasing a new unit.

Question #5: Do you need additional features?

A: There are times when you need additional features on your appliances. Features can consist of energy efficiency or even an ice maker/water dispenser. Oftentimes, you might find it tempting to buy a new appliance and replace an appliance that is old and broken Contact us:

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