Rinse Dishes Before Placing Them In The Dishwasher
Now, the truth is that the only reason for which you got a dishwasher is that you just hate doing dirty dishes manually. And now, when you’ve finally managed to get one, they are telling you that it’s advisable to rinse the dishes before you place them in your machine. That just doesn’t seem right. You just want to go ahead and place it and be done with it. So, which way is better? Well, unfortunately, there is no one-off answer, so let’s dig a bit deeper.

The Model of your Machine Matters

Now, it is largely accepted that you should at least scrape the larger food pieces off the plate. It’s not common sense to actually put a half-eaten slice of pizza in your dishwasher now, is it? Of course, the majority of the manufacturers are standing behind their products saying that there is no need to do a complete rinse of the plate. What is more, they would go so far to add that it’s actually a waste of water. With this in mind, those who are professionally occupied in the field of appliance repair state that it’s better to rely on a newer model as it has a lot more potential to get everything better. Furthermore, these newer machines are design to handle the waste of food better and hence, there is no need to do a rinse. Of course, you can’t expect everything to be alright if you use your dishwasher as a trash can.

Rinse the Dishes

That’s just it. Get over yourself – it’s nothing serious, you can spend a minute on rinsing the whole set of dishes. Else you run the risk of damage and the drains might get clogged up. Even though manufacturers are going to make big promises, claiming their machines are perfect either way, you shouldn’t really trust them because that’s not something that your warranty will cover. In other words – when your machine gets clogged, you won’t get money from the manufacturer for the repair. That’s just it. So, in any case, it is most definitely beneficial, to say the least, to ensure that your dishes are rinsed. However, should you decide to go the other way, you should at least make sure that there are no large particles in the dish washer. With this in mind, it’s important to note that rinsing your dishes is going to help you maintain your solution a lot better but it’s not something that’s going to harm it dramatically. Thus, make sure that everything is handled as per your own personal preferences. The right way is to rinse them but not rinsing them isn’t the wrong way – to put it in other words. And in case, there is any issue with the dishwasher, it is best that you call in an appliance repair service instead of trying to work on it yourself. Contact us:

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