Viking Fridge Repair
Summer’s here, and so’s the heat, which is bad news if your Viking fridge’s ice maker is on the fritz. How supposed to enjoy your backyard barbecues and pool days with a lukewarm beverage? Fridge detail with ice dispenser and glass So what are your options? You may be reluctant to fork over the money for a fridge repair just because your icemaker is giving you trouble. That may be true even if you find a bargain from our Viking fridge repair experts. If you feel qualified for a DIY repair and would like to save some money, give these troubleshooting tips a try:
  • Is the water hose kinked? If the water hose is kinked or tangled, your ice maker will not be able to get the water it needs to run. Before you try to straighten the hose out yourself, consult your Viking owner’s manual to learn the best way to access this component.
  • Is your water filter faulty? Water filters can become clogged for a wide variety of reasons. Over time, it may become laden with calcium and other water contaminants, all of which can clog up the filter. Alternately, your filter could be clogged because of rust or debris.
  • Is my filter on its last legs? Water filters have expiration dates. Past a certain point, they become so full of the filtered substances that they start acting more like a contaminator than anything. Unfiltered water runs through this dirty filter and leaves even less safe than it was to begin with. Fortunately, Viking refrigerators come with filter life indicators. You’ll see this indicator turn yellow when 90% of your filter’s lifespan has elapsed. When the indicator turns red, it is time to replace the filter. You can reset the filter timer by holding down the indicator button for three seconds. Do this after every replacement. The lifespan of your filter will depend largely on how “hard” your water is.
  • Am I doomed by dusty compressor coils? When you’re tackling this Viking fridge repair, you may not think to address the coils at the back of the appliance when the problem is with the ice maker at the front. Dusty compressor coils can actually prevent your freezer from reaching its effective temperature. If you don’t want to pull out the fridge and look for yourself, you can usually confirm this problem by checking whether there is any water in the ice bin. If there is, you’re going to have to pull your fridge out and dust those coils off anyways.
  • Is the control panel malfunctioning? Like any other piece of digital technology this century has to offer, crashes happen with the control panel. If this happens, try a “system reboot” by either unplugging the appliance or flipping the breaker off for five minutes.
We hope that these troubleshooting tips have helped your DIY VIking fridge repair. To learn more from our experts, visit our Viking fridge repair page, or call 1-619-719-5005. Contact us:

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