Kenmore Dishwasher Service
One thing our Kenmore dishwasher service experts have learned over the years is that an expired warranty is often an early indicator of a forthcoming appliance failure. In our experience, the manufacturer knows the typical lifespan of an appliance, and recommends the reseller cover repairs right up to the point where things begin to fall apart. We’ve made many Kenmore dishwasher service calls to fix appliances that were covered only days previously, and it can’t be a coincidence! My Kenmore Dishwasher Won’t Turn On! Has your warranty just expired along with your Kenmore dishwasher’s power? The dreaded “no power condition” has struck again, and just in time… Don’t panic! The experts at San Diego Appliance Repair Company can help you replace the fuse that’s blown. Or, if you’d rather save money on a Kenmore dishwasher service call, you could try this quick fix on your own. Read on to learn how to fix one of the most common problems with Kenmore dishwashers in about 3 minutes!
  1. First, open up your dishwasher, and remove all dishes and food waste.
  2. Next, scamper downstairs and flick off the break that powers your dishwasher. Please do not proceed with any repair attempts without first shutting off power. Neglecting to do so will expose you to risk of serious electrical shock.
  3. With your dishwasher door open, remove the door screws that run along the edges of the interior. There will be a different numbers of screws depending on your Kenmore model.
  4. Once the door screws are removed, pull off the door’s interior “face plate.” This will expose some of the electronics that we’ll be dealing with today. With some models, removing this part may cause the door to swing back and close, so you may need to lay a small weight on the door’s interior to weigh it down. Your drill would work perfectly!
  5. Remove the black plastic casing that covers the fuses and wiring. This will be removable by hand. Now identify the fuses; with most models, the fuses have a white plastic “plug” that is easy to spot. You can remove the fuse by hand: simply unplug the two wires leading to the fuse.
  6. Replace the fuse with your new part. If you need help locating the right fuse for your appliance, contact our Kenmore dishwasher service experts at 1-619-719-5005. The fuse will plug into place and then need to have the two wires reattached.
  7. Replace the black housing.
  8. Replace the door’s interior face plate. We recommend tightening the door screws by hand about half way at first, holding off on the final screw-in until you’ve got everything lined up. If you try to screw these in one at a time, you may have to backtrack once you realize the holes don’t quite align.
  9. Once the crews are back in place, close your home Kenmore dishwasher service is basically finished! Ten minutes of work and a thirty dollar part are all it takes. Flick your breaker back on and run a load of dishes to celebrate.
There’s still no power! If you followed this 9-step repair guide and still have problems, please contact our Kenmore dishwasher service team for assistance. Contact us:

(619) 719-5005

[email protected]