DIY Freezer Repair Tips
You always want your freezer to stay in good running condition in order to avoid a messy situation which will include food spoiling over time. Here are a few tips that will help you save your appliance from an early demise and also help you save money in your pocket avoiding having to call a professional repairman before its time.

Automatic Defrost

In the past, the freezers would not automatically defrost. In order to defrost it, you would need to remove everything from the shelves and store them somewhere temporarily until you were done. You would then unplug the unit from the wall and allow it to set with the door open and a drip pan under it to catch all the liquid as it melted. Depending on how frosted it was, you may need to empty the drip pan in order to avoid the mess on the floor. Many of the more modern freezers come with an automatic defrost option. If this option stops working, you first need to check the thermostat. Check the defrost timer as well as the defrost heater to ensure that this is all working. If none of these things seem to be malfunctioning, you may want to call an appliance repair expert in San Diego County. Compressor is the part of the freezer is necessary in order to keep the volume of gas in control. If the compressor is malfunctioning, the freezer cannot maintain its coolness and will not work. The condenser on a freezer condenses the vapor by transforming it into a liquid form which will produce cold air. Over time, these condensers may stop working or keeping the air as cool as it should be. This condenser also has a fan and over time, it can collect enough dust and dirt that it will not be able to work. Vacuuming this condenser every once in a while can prevent this from becoming an issue and it doesn’t take long to get it all cleaned off. The job of the evaporator is to turn the liquid into a gas. When the evaporator stops working, it cannot cool the freezer down enough for it to maintain a cool temperature and starts heating up inside. What you can do to maintain your freezer is simple: – Don’t overstock the shelves so they are too packed for the air to circulate freely throughout the unit. – Before going to the grocery store to restock, go through each shelf to see what you need and what you don’t so you are not taking up room with items you haven’t been using or still have plenty of. – Pull out the unit from the wall every month and vacuum out the coils to insure that air is circulating as it should be. Contact us:

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