After purchasing a dishwasher, a number of important questions arise. For example, how to install the dishwasher and connect it to the water and sewer systems, as well as the power grid. There are two options here, without thinking about the problem, contact San Diego Appliance Repair Service and call a specialist at home, or connect the machine personally. Only in the first case, will you have to spend money on all the work carried out by the master.   And how difficult will it be to do it yourself? Here everything will depend on several factors: whether the home handyman, in general, is able to use tools, as well as whether he understands, at least in general terms, the method of connecting the unit to communication systems and electricity.   This article presents a list of necessary tools, describes the order of actions when connecting and installing the dishwasher, peculiarities in connecting devices of specific models, and points to checking the unit after all the work is complete.  

Preparatory measures

  What tools and materials are needed when connecting a dishwasher   To carry out this work you need the following:   – tap tee bronze or brass, the product of silumin is categorically unacceptable; – clamps; – wrench, pliers, screwdriver, cutters, Teflon tape (or caulk); – siphon with branches; – grounding socket.   There may be some shortcomings in the delivery set of the product. For example, the power cord and hoses may be too short, the gaskets may not fit, etc. Then it will be necessary to extend the hoses, use an extension cord or change the cord to a longer one and buy new gaskets. In short, there will be additional financial costs, and the laboriousness of the process will increase.  

Recommended Sequence of Work

  Branded dishwashers for sale come with accompanying documentation, which necessarily includes instructions on how to connect them. It often happens that the order of work, in reality, is somewhat different. In the instructions write one thing, but in reality, practice shows another. Below is a step-by-step list of actions:   – connect the dishwasher to the drain; – Connect to the cold water supply; – connect electricity; – turn on the machine for testing; – Installing the automatic dishwasher in its designated location, such as a niche, an area under the countertop, etc.   If you want, choose another sequence of actions. But you will have to take a longer time.  

Connection features of different dishwasher brands

  Bosch brand dishwashers start to leak after two cycles. Therefore, the installation of the gasket should be treated with special attention. In addition, the supply valve of these products is too sensitive. For this reason, it is necessary to supplement the system with a coarse filter to supply water.   Installation of the Electrolux machine needs to be precisely level, its slope should not be more than two degrees.  

Connecting the dishwasher


How to properly install the dishwasher

  The order of installation of the product itself has been outlined above, and its location in the room is the following requirements   – the recess must correspond to the dimensions of the machine, so, before buying the product, it is necessary to measure the recess; – The attachment is carried out either by means of the elements included in the delivery or according to the model provided in the instruction manual; – The installation manual for the machine shows the correct way to position it relative to the horizontal and so it must be installed; – taking care that water does not come into contact with live parts.  

How to connect the water supply and drain

  First, you must connect the siphon to the drain with a socket.   When connecting the machine to the drain, you should pay special attention to the following:   – the place of connection of the hose with the connector must be bent in such a way (letter V) to ensure that bad water can drain freely from the machine to avoid its stagnation or return; – to prevent unpleasant smells from appearing in the machine, there must be an elbow at the bottom; – To avoid placing unnecessary strain on the pump, do not lengthen the drain hose more than necessary.   It is easier to connect water to the dishwasher by means of a faucet. To do this, it is necessary to:   – shut off the water supply; – remove the hose from the mixer with the insulation material; – connect a T-piece with a tap to the cold water pipe; – To one of its outputs connect the mixing hose, and to the other – the filter of rough cleaning, connected with effort, but without keys, the filling hose of the washing machine.  

How to connect the dishwasher to the power grid

  The dishwasher must only be connected to a separately located earthed socket. The use of an extension cord is undesirable, and it is not advisable to connect the unit to the mains together with other electrical appliances, such as a washing machine or refrigerator, etc. It is better to connect it to an individual power supply from an electric meter. If you have no skills or no time, contact a professional.  

How to test the dishwasher after connection

  To test the dishwasher after installation and connection, it is necessary to run it without loading it with dishes, adding only salt and powder. According to the instructions, turn it on and look at the result, by which you can determine whether the connection to the mains is correct, whether there are any leaks, and how the water is supplied. Particular attention should be paid to checking for leaks. If the experiment went well, without remarks, the dishwasher could be restored.   If you have no experience installing dishwashers, it is better to turn to professionals. Now is the time to call for a professional dishwasher repair service in San Diego County. San Diego Appliance Repair is here to help you get professional and knowledgeable appliance repair and installation.   Contact us   (619) 719-5005   [email protected]