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Circulation pump is one of the key elements of the system, responsible for creating optimal water pressure and pumping. Stable operation of the appliances is possible only if the pump is in working order. In case of its failure, the device begins to perform poorly or refuses to work at all.   And if the pump is out of order, then for its restoration or replacement will need to call a specialized master. Only a specialist is able to quickly and accurately understand the causes of the problem, and then perform the repair of the dishwasher right at the exit. The speed and complexity of the work depend on the type of pump, as well as its condition at the time of inspection.   Causes and Signs of Pump Failure The pump can fail for many reasons. Among them: are intermittent power surges, electric heater burnout, water leakage, jamming, and impeller failure. Most often, the repair of the circulating pump of dishwashers is required due to malfunctions in the electrical system and because of the ingress of food residue into the impeller.   There are several ways to determine the presence of a malfunction. Signs are as follows: the unit stops washing dishes, the water pressure decreases, uncharacteristic sounds (noise, crackling) appear, and the built-in leakage protection triggers. In some models an error is displayed on the information board, indicating that the pump is broken.   How to repair dishwashers? To make a diagnosis, you need to disconnect the machine from the mains, turn it upside down, and then remove the bottom to get direct access to the parts and mechanisms. Next, you need to examine the components and take appropriate action.   If the impeller is visibly damaged, it must be replaced. If it is just clogged, then it is necessary to gently pull out the foreign objects and return the part back into place. In this case, professional repairs will not be necessary.   To check the winding of the electric motor and heater you will need to use a tester. The test will show whether there is a malfunction. You can use special repair kits to fix the leak. Most often it is enough to use a sealant, sometimes you have to replace parts.   You can also simply call an appliance repair service in San Diego County and order dishwasher repair. In this case, you will only need to pay for the work and get a quality result without any effort.   Contact us (619) 719-5005 [email protected]