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The most popular standard kitchen layouts involve placing the cooktop in the middle of a straight section of the countertop. Not every owner is ready to place the hob in the corner of the kitchen, and not every designer will undertake such a project, because the elaboration of ergonomics and rational organization of this solution will have work hard. However, such a kitchen will look at least original.  


  First of all, it is worth dividing the cooking surfaces, specifically designed for corner installation, and models that have a classic design, the will of a bold design solution installed in the corner of the kitchen. In this paragraph, we consider the first group of kitchen appliances.   Round and oval hobs are equipped, as a rule, with three burners and are available in a large number of different colors. Such a solution will be particularly harmonious with a similarly shaped sink.   Panels in the shape of a segment of a circle cut off at the edges. Allows to place four burners. Can have both angular shapes and rounded corners.   Droplet-shaped puddle panels are a particular case of segmented tops, the only difference being that they have an arc-shaped edge not only on the outside but also on the inside.   The family of rectangular models includes many different shapes for any, even the most demanding, taste. Panels in the shape of a classic corner can carry up to six heating elements. There are surfaces with an arrangement of burners (2-4 pieces). There are panels of classic square shape with the location of controls, allowing installation in the corner of the kitchen.  

Peculiarities of installation of the corner cooker hob

  The angle at which the installation of the cooking surface can be equal to 90 ° or beveled. The option with a beveled corner implies making a countertop, not all corners of which will be straight. This leads to a noticeable increase in the cost of the product. Avoid ordering an expensive countertop will help to use a separate corner cabinet to install the hob in it. The disadvantage of such a solution will be the formation of two additional joints in the countertop on both sides of the cabinet. In general, however, the main disadvantage of the beveled corner is that it “eats up” the useful area of the room. The main advantage is the simplicity of installing the hood.   If the corner in which you plan to install the hob is made without a bevel, then the countertop in this corner should be a single piece without joints. This makes it more expensive and complicates delivery and installation, but saves useful space.  

Advantages and disadvantages of installing a hob in the corner of the kitchen

  The first and most noticeable advantage of a hob located in the corner is a non-trivial design. The kitchen, equipped with such “chip”, looks stylish, modern and at the same time very cozy. The corner placement of the hob, being well thought out, provides maximum ergonomics in the kitchen work area, which is especially important for small kitchens and in the absence of long straight sections, adapted for the placement of the hob.   There are practically no disadvantages to the described solution. If the customer opts for a version with a beveled corner, he will have to sacrifice a small part of the useful kitchen area. If the project is approved with an angle of 90°, there may be some difficulties with the installation of the hood. If the house is gasified, you will probably have to redo the gas wiring in the kitchen a bit, as typical building solutions usually do not imply the location of the stove in the corner.  


  Placing a cooktop in the corner of the kitchen can hardly be called a budget solution. The final estimate may be affected by the cost of a designer who will thoroughly think through the ergonomics of the new kitchen workplace, the complex design of furniture sets in general and countertops in particular, the services of specialists in gas and/or ventilation equipment, the higher prices for corner cooking surfaces in comparison with the classic. However, if the budget allows for such innovations, if the customer is not afraid of bold solutions, seeks to follow modern trends, and is willing to break his head over an unconventional project, then you can opt for the corner arrangement of the cooking surface.   Need a consultation or to repair your cooktop? It’s time to call for professional appliance repair in San Diego County. San Diego Appliance Repair Service is here to help with professional and experienced appliance repairs to get your smooth cooktop looking new once again.   Contact us   (619) 719-5005   [email protected]