Wet clothes after washing must necessarily be dried. Today the industry has started to produce a special drying machine, designed to dry laundry quickly. This machine is very similar to a washing machine, but it has no washing mode. It is replaced by drying. Depending on the design, it is possible to connect the dryer in different ways. This can be done independently or with the help of a master.  

Types of dryers

  These machines are divided into several types:  
  1. Drying cabinet.
  2. drum dryer.
  It is quite difficult to use a drying cabinet. The washed clothes will need to hang up by hand in a specially designated place. Removal of excess moisture is carried out with the help of fans that supply warm air into the drying chamber. Electric or air heaters are used for heating. Connecting such a dryer to the sewer does not make sense. It is enough to use the spinning mode, and then move things into the chamber of the drying cabinet.   The design of the drum dryer, as well as the principle of its operation, resembles a drying cabinet. The difference is the presence of a special drum, accelerating drying. Thanks to the rotation, hot air penetrates into the fabric much faster. In addition, after using a drum appliance, the need to iron things is reduced.   In such a device, special programs are involved, providing a mode of rotation, and things stop crumpling. The tumble dryer does not require a sewer connection. It is needed only if there is no possibility to load the wrung-out things, and the unnecessary water is manually drained from the tank.  

Types of drying

  Drying things can be carried out in different ways. They are divided into several technological groups, which are used in different drying cabinets.   Condenser   Air is heated together with water. Then its condensation occurs with the help of special elements mounted inside the device. The condensate accumulates in special tanks. This liquid no longer touches things. It is removed manually or through the connected sewer.   Important! The collected condensate is not suitable for watering indoor plants, as it may contain harmful substances left over from laundry detergent.  


  Thanks to the heated air, the “humidity” is quickly removed from the machine. In principle, this is the simplest kind of drying. But it requires good ventilation near the machine. Otherwise, the surrounding area will fill with excess moisture.   The industry also produces models equipped with additional parts. Infrared lamps are installed in the drying cabinet, designed to disinfect the laundry. Thanks to the air ionizer, things become safe for human health. The listed elements are considered minor. They only make the work of the dryer more comfortable.  

Dryer connection technology

  This work can be done by yourself, but only if you have experience in such operations.   Pay attention! Before you connect the dryer to the existing sewer, connect the power supply, and carefully think through the installation technique in advance.   A professional craftsman will do this work quickly and efficiently with a certain guarantee. To ensure that in the future the machine does not fail, the master will advise how best to operate the machine, which operations can lead to a breakdown.   Of course, calling a master guarantees a good job, but will require additional monetary expenses. Installation with your own hands is possible if you are familiar with construction and plumbing work. To connect the dryer to the sewer, a special drain is used. For the power supply, a socket is mounted next to the device (you can use a portable).  

Tools required for connection

  To perform the connection of the dryer, it is necessary to have:   A knife. Will be useful for cutting off the drain of the appropriate length. Sometimes the appliance package includes this part. If it is not available, it can be purchased separately, cutting off the desired length. When buying, be sure to check the quality of the drain pipe. No kinks, cracks, or tears are allowed.   Clamps to secure the drain pipe. Not included with the cabinet. You can buy them at a specialized construction store. These parts are made of metal straps, which can be tightened with a locking mechanism.   Screwdriver. An essential tool for working with clamps. It screws the retainer of the drain, creating a tight connection.   Such a small set of tools is enough to install and connect the dehumidifier yourself.  

Does it need to be connected to the sewer system?

  When designing dryer units, engineers and technologists decided to create machines that could be connected in this way. However, each owner decides for himself whether to make such a connection or do without it. If there is no connection to the sewer, you will have to constantly monitor the level of the tank with water (if available). Drainage of the liquid is carried out manually.   The sewer connection to the dryer is made for more comfortable use. Now you will not have to think about the moisture present in the wet laundry, it will all be removed through the drain. Of course, if there is a possibility to connect the drain, be sure to take advantage of it.    Are you in need of some appliance repairs in San Diego County? San Diego Appliance Repair Service is here to help! We offer professional and experienced technicians who can get the job done right. Don’t wait, call us now and get your appliances fixed!   Contact us   (619) 719-5005   [email protected]