Common Repairs When Your Fridge Produces Puddles
The truth is that your fridge is without a doubt one of the most critical appliances in your home. It allows you to maintain the quality of your food for a significant amount of time amongst a wide range of other things. The water supply lines which server the icemaker or the water dispensers of your fridge can leak and create pools right underneath it. It’s also important to note that a fridge without these particular features could also create the same problems. This is because every refrigerator produces water in the form of melting ice and condensation. So, when the system which deals with this fails you can easily end up with puddles inside as well as outside of your fridge. This is an issue which needs immediate remedy in order to prevent further and far more complicated problems. Here are a few easy solutions that might help you out. Keep in mind that the appliance needs to be unplugged whenever you are performing any kinds of repair works or maintenance.

Solution 1: Check the water supply line

If you have a fridge with a water dispenser or an icemaker, pull it out and take a look to determine if there’s a leak. If there is one at the inlet valve, you need to tighten the nuts for the compression. If you find out that a plastic or a copper tube is the one that’s leaking, you need to replace it.

Solution 2: Level the fridge

Now, you need to understand that usually the water is going to drain into a pan right under the fridge. Right after that it’s going to evaporate. However, if your fridge is inappropriately tilted, the water can actually spill out of the pan and hence leveling it could truly take care of this problem – this is something very important.

Solution 3: Clear the draining tube

If you have your draining tube clogged, the water is going to leak into the compartment which is right below or directly onto the floor. In order to get it cleaned, the first thing you’d have to do is to remove the cover panel. Certain fridges will require you to unscrew the floor panel as well. Using a hair dryer to melt down any buildup of ice is particularly convenient. Blow the air through the tube in order to clear it from ice. In any case, these are some of the easy fixes to not-so-hard to handle problems. Of course, the issue might be more serious, in which case you can contact a professional. Leaking refrigerators are particularly troublesome and you need to handle the problem as soon as possible. That is why it is essential to call in the appliance repair specialists in San Diego County so that they can evaluate the issue quickly and repair in on the same visit. This will save time and money while you will have the refrigerator running quickly and efficiently. Contact us:

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