washer and dryer
Modern technologies have made it possible for washer and dryer machines to get combined in one body in order to space time and to make it more convenient. This has quite a lot of perks and that’s why the majority of the homeowners would prefer taking advantage of it. However, there are also common issues which make take place. While there are certain problems which could be handled easily, there are also others which would require the assistance of a professional with the necessary expertise and skill set. Let’s take a look at the most common washer and dryer issues that you might stumble upon. Remember that taking advantage of the services of an appliance repair professional in San Diego is always preferable and recommended.

The dryer or washer won’t turn on

Of course, this is definitely one of the most common issues that you might come across. Sometimes the problem might be because the machine isn’t receiving enough power or any power at all. The cause might be in the faulty outlet or a tripped circuit breaker. Of course, this might also be caused by a failure within the machine itself. For instance, the motor of the machine might fail to turn on if it has overheated. This usually happens because of heavy use and overload.

Fails to tumble or spin

Another common issue which causes a loose belt is when the machine fails to spin or to tumble. Once the belt is the culprit, you can actually hear the motor running but the machine’s drum isn’t actually spinning – this is an important consideration. At the same time, if you don’t close the door properly or the door’s switch fails to work, this can also prevent the machine from spinning. Thus, it is best to unplug, close the door again and then see. If it still doesn’t work, you might want to call in a technician to look it over. Another serious issue that you might find is when the washer’s transmission or clutch fails. This could be caused by a range of different reasons and you need to ensure that the right one is identified. In order for this to happen, however, the assistance of a professional might be of great help. Even though, if you have the necessary experience, you might be able of handling it. Unfortunately, the majority of people don’t know the first thing about electronics. That’s why using the service of a professional is not only the quickest but it’s also the safest way of handling an issue. Of course, there is a small investment to be made, but given the value that you get for your money; it’s most definitely worth it. This is also going to ensure that you are kept perfectly away from harm’s way and that nothing is going to happen to you. These are the things that you want to consider. Contact us:

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