Any technique sooner or later breaks down. And the dishwasher is no exception. If you notice that your dishwasher is not working properly. You may need to call a handyman with an appliance repair service in San Diego County. The technician will diagnose and make repairs if necessary. But now let’s take a look at common dishwasher breakdowns: Unregulated water drain This problem may not be noticed immediately. The motor and pump of the machine are constantly in operation, the water comes in and immediately leaves the washing chamber, while the dishes are still dirty. If you look at the cold water meter, you can spot the problem faster – it’s winding up liters that are wasted down the drain. However, sometimes the electronic control system does not work, and you have to guess from circumstantial signs – water drainage, and pump operation. If the water inlet valve is defective, the process of water intake and drainage becomes endless. Water comes in, but there is no signal to stop. An overflow is created, which is eliminated by automatically turning on the pump. In such cases, one of the following actions can be performed: – Shut off the water. – Disconnect the power supply. – Reach the connection point of the inlet hose. – Disconnect the hose, and remove the filter. – Find the valve and check its functionality. A multimeter is used to check. The styli are connected to the contacts of the intake valve and determine the resistance. The norm – is 500-1500 ohms, other values indicate a malfunction. The broken part must be replaced. Another reason is the failure of the electronics. Repair is within the power of anyone who can resolder the pump triac or perform similar actions. Otherwise, it is better to contact a service center. The dishes are not dried Drops of water left on the dishes can turn into unsightly stains and streaks, so the dishes need to be dried thoroughly. The most common drying type in budget and middle-class dishwashers is condensation drying. It means that the dishes are drying in natural conditions, and only the body, heated after washing, helps it. As soon as the metal cools down, the drying process slows down. To prolong it, the door of the machine is ajar. The first cause is the breakage of the heating element or the temperature sensor. The repair will not bring much success, so it is better to change these parts at once. When replacing the service center sometimes gives a warranty of 6 months on the newly installed part. The second reason is the fan. It applies to machines equipped with a turbo dryer. If the fan fails, the forced supply of hot air stops and the dishes remain damp. The way out is to replace the fan. It can be located both at the top and at the bottom of the washing chamber, and in some models – on the side. When choosing a new one, consider the make and model of the machine. Now is the time to call for professional appliance repair service in San Diego County. San Diego County Appliance Repair is here to help with professional and knowledgeable appliance repair so your dishwasher works like new. Contact us (619) 719-5005 [email protected]