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Abnormal changes in the weather have already become commonplace. It is unusually hot in summer and extremely cold in winter. In order for the appliances to be able to endure such an imbalance, consider the range within which the refrigerator is able to function properly. It is necessary to carefully study the features and decipher all climate classes in order to choose the best one.   Normal Refrigerators of this class are denoted by the Latin letter N. They are designed for operation within the temperature range of +16 to +32 degrees. This is the most flexible and versatile technique, which is in the greatest demand. In the southern regions, the temperature rises above the maximum allowable mark. Therefore, in order for the unit to work properly, you will have to turn on the air conditioner. In winter, the unit should be in a well-heated room, otherwise, the equipment will be disturbed, such as random shutdowns. The best models of this class are presented by the following brands – LG.   Subnormal Subnormal climate class refrigerators are designated SN. They are designed for use in rooms where the temperature does not rise above +32 and does not fall below +10. The appliances of this class are oriented for use in rooms with minimal temperature imbalance: corridors, pantries, utility rooms, and loggias. If the temperature falls below +10, the refrigerator will continue its operation, but this is already a dangerous range. Possible, technical malfunctions. The best devices of the subnormal class are produced by: Samsung, Bosch, and Liebherr.   Subtropical The conventional designation of the subtropical climate class of refrigerators is ST. They are designed for operation in conditions from +18 to +38 degrees. They correctly function in conditions of high humidity. The heat will not be a problem either. The best subtropical models are produced by: Samsung, and Electrolux.   Tropical Denoted by the Latin letter T. Tropical class is designed for a temperature range of +18 to +43 degrees. Often such appliances are used in hot countries. The best devices can be found in the catalogs of companies Whirlpool and Samsung.   Now is the time to call for professional repair of household appliances in San Diego County. San Diego Appliance Repair is here to help with expert and knowledgeable appliance repairs that will keep your refrigerator running like new.   Contact us   (619) 719-5005   [email protected]