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Christmas Home Repairs

Christmas Home Repairs – When the holiday season comes around, I tend to have my shopping list completed by Thanksgiving, my decorating scheme planned, and have selected favorites from my bulging file folder full of holiday recipes. But in the midst of all that planning, I’ve sometimes missed exterior home repairs that keep my home from being as attractive – and safe- as possible..  Never underestimate the value and projected impression Christmas Home Repairs an make.  The lens to your home is from the curb, and the lens to your home is from the front door.  Make sure all these vantage points are perfectly manicured. Even minor home maintenance issues can cause accidents or provide an open invitation to thieves. While the rest of a home may look cozy, an old mailbox or worn door can give a far less appealing message – even before friends and family enter the threshold of your home. But with a minimum of time and a little planning, you can make sure that your home is not only lovely on the inside but equally inviting on the outside. And with that added peace of mind, you can put on your favorite holiday music, start munching on holiday treats, and get ready to enjoy the festivities.  Christmas Home Repairs. Here’s are ways to tweak your home’s holiday cheer (and safety): 1. Start with curb appeal and take a close look at your mailbox. If it is so wobbly that adding holiday decorations are likely to make it tip over, face it: your mailbox needs a makeover. That could be as simple as repainting it, replacing worn address numbers, and making sure a wobbly post is reset firmly in place. Holiday Home Repairs But don’t waste time on a mailbox that is dented, falling apart and clearly past its prime. There are so many stylish mailbox options available that it should be a snap to find one that compliments your home. A well-maintained and decorated mailbox provides a warm welcome for guests before they even enter the driveway. 2. Make sure your exterior lights are in good working order. This may seem obvious but sometimes you can become blind to a couple of dim or burned out light bulbs (I certainly have). Hopefully, the problem will have a simple fix and you’ll just have to replace some of those bulbs. But if the lights are seriously tilted, the wiring doesn’t work or glass panels are broken, you may need to call a repair service. Working lights not only make your home’s exterior look better but let guests see steps, doors, overhanging tree limbs, etc. 3. Home Security: Add low-cost features to maintain your home’s security and keep burglars at bay. You don’t have to own a burglar alarm to make sure your home is protected from burglars. Inexpensive fixes can be all it takes to do the trick. Good lighting all around your home can be all it takes to discourage potential thieves. If you have a dog that barks whenever strangers approach, that can also work as well – or even better – than a burglar alarm. Why? Home intruders may be willing to put up with the noise of an alarm, particularly if it only sets off sirens inside the house. But a dog is far less predictable and the threat of being attacked could scare off thieves (they don’t have to know that your dog is as likely to lick them to death as attack them). 4. Double check all exterior doors. Are all the hinges firmly in place? What about the locks? Even a solid steel door won’t do any good if it is easily knocked off the door frame. While you’re at it, see if the door needs some touching up. A wood door may need to be repainted or have a fresh coat of stain. Or maybe the door just needs to be cleaned thoroughly or power washed. 5. Finally, ask a friend or neighbor to be honest about any glaring problems you might be missing. You could be overlooking the sharp edge of a tree limb, one that is too close to the path leading to your house. Perhaps you’ve become blind to the chipped paint on your garage door. Holiday Home Repairs Ever taken a walk in June and seen a Christmas wreath still in place? I have. Similarly, homeowners can miss seemingly obvious items that need to be updated, fixed or moved. So get the opinion of a trusted friend, family member or sympathetic neighbor. This article was taken from: https://planotexashandyman.com/2017/11/christmas-home-repairs-2/ Contact us:

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